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robert t
Once diagnosed how long can a person live with the lung desease emphisema?

They should stop smoking or else it could become chronic and even fatal, because it could even lead to lung cancer.


There is no cure for emphysema, but the condition can be treated and controlled. People with mild emphysema who quit smoking have a normal life expectancy. Those who follow treatment instructions and adopt good health habits can enjoy a fairly normal lifestyle for a long time. Even people whose emphysema is severe have a good chance of surviving for five years or more.

In those people with emphysema who continue to smoke, research indicates that smoking dramatically increases the severity of the illness and may reduce their life span by 10 years or more.


Emphysema: Diseases
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Emphysema is a serious and chronic disease that cannot be reversed. If detected early, the effects and progression can be slowed, particularly if the patient stops smoking immediately. Complications of emphysema include higher risks for pneumonia and acute bronchitis. Overall, the prognosis for patients with emphysema is poor, with a survival rate for all those with copd of four years, and even less for emphysema. However, individual cases vary and many patients can live much longer with supplemental oxygen and other treatment measures. Source:
Emphysema is a serious and chronic disease. It cannot be cured or reversed. However, early treatment can slow the progress of the disease. It can ... help to prevent its most serious complications. Overall, the survival rate of patients diagnosed with emphysema is about four years. However, that prognosis is dependent on a variety of factors. Source:
faqs.org Emphysema affects an estimated 60 million people worldwide. It is a disease associated with significant morbidity in the form of dyspnea and exercise limitation and mortality. The pathology behind this is the destruction of pulmonary parenchyma, both alveolar walls and interstitial tissue. The physiological features are those of a loss of elastic recoil leading to airflow obstruction with resting and dynamic hyperinflation. In turn, this compromises the mechanics of breathing, eventually leading to respiratory failure. Source:
Emphysema may ... be inherited. A protein called Alpha-1 antitrypsin exists in most people, and it protects the lungs from damage by pollutants. Occasionally, a person may not have inherited this protein from his parents. If a person is missing this protein, the deficiency will cause the person to be much more vulnerable to the disease. Source:
Emphysema is commonly associated with bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Since it is difficult to delineate "pure" cases of emphysema or chronic bronchitis, they are generally grouped together as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd). Source:
Emphysema is not curable, but it can be treated. Those who have it can be helped to live with it. It is a destructive disease for hundreds of thousands of people, some who smoke and some who do not smoke. Over 1100 people die of it as a major cause each year.
If you stop smoking and take care of yourself otherwise, better than the five years if you do not.
I have pulmonary fibrosis which is on the way to copd. I use Oxygen as needed and definitely at night due to sleep apnea complications. I am not sweating it because I have congestive heart failure, diabetes and cancer.

It depends on where their lung function is at and how well they take care of them selves. To live a longer time with emphysema they will have to never smoke again, exercise, eat right & take certain medications, such as Albuterol, Atrovent, most likely nebulized. You can never put a number on how long they will live unless their lungs are in real bad shape. The Doctor would know that from doing a pulmonary function test.

I dont think anyone can have the true answer to this i think it is on each individual case.

My grandson was diagnosed with it at 4 month's old (apparently very rare) it was not picked up by my daughters Gp and we nearly lost him, he had to have most of his left lung removed and quickly gained his little life back. He is now a happy little 4 year old who runs round the playground at school of which he has just started and yes he has check ups every 6 months and probably will for the rest of his life, but my belief is that if we look after him and then he looks after himself he has the same capability to live till he is 100 like anyone else.

Tommy Thompson
It all depends on how advanced the emphysema is. Do you smoke? Do you have diabetes? Do you have any other chronic health conditions?

If you smoke, STOP NOW.

Your doctor may prescribe some inhalors for you to use, use them appropriately and when needed.

Many live for years with the disease but it all depends on how well they take care of themselves. If you continue smoking you decrease you survival rate and run the risk of developing cavitations (air trapped in cavities of your lungs) and air being trapped in the small airways. What happens is the linings of the small sacs in your lungs is deteriorating and are forming larger sacs.

You can live a long time if you make changes and take care of yourself.

PeeMee has left the Building !!
I have had Emphysema since approx 10 years old and Im 63, still puffing abit, but not much, its quite manageable.

its emphysema by the way,
and not very long - its a very debilitating lung disease that decreases the capacity of the alveoli (by reducing the surface area) to transfer Oxygen to the blood.
It depends on the person and the extent of the lungs that have been affected. Some people can live for years after diagnosis - often with home oxygen. Others may not last so long if a. they continue to smoke, b. they get a chest infection or pneumonia, which they are more susceptible to with this condition.

a long time.........they may end up carrying an oxygen tank around with them, but they can go on for 2 or 3 decades !

There is no set time. It depends upon the person, the extent of their disease, any other diseases they might have, any medications they might be on, their nutritional status, whether they smoke or drink, whether they exercise or are overweight or underweight, and whether they have family and friends who love and support them . And there may be other factors like knowledgeable doctors, etc.

My Grandfather lived with it for 30 years or so. He died when he was 83 of a stroke so emphisema didn't get him in the end. The thing is that he quit smoking as soon as he was diagnosed.

years and years.I'm a carer for my dad he was diagnosed 6 years ago,now has c.o.p.d. he smokes twenty a day and is on oxygen 24hours a day.don't worry look after yourself rob.

It depends. A chest infection could carry them off tomorrow. Or, with the right support, medication and equipment, they could live for years. Each case is different and other pre-existing health conditions, need to be taken into account.

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