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 I've had mild to violent coughing fits (Almost to the extent of vomiting) and a fever for over a week?
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Honestly I try to cough up ...

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 How many people here smoke ?
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 Quitting smoking?
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 It feels like I'm not getting enough air. This might be in the wrong category.
it happens on and off. Usually it happens when i'm sitting around and doing nothing. I feel like I'm not getting enough air and i will sit there and i will breath deeply and try to get it ...

 Why can't I take deep breathes?
I've been to the doctor many times, they suggest things like anxiety, but i know it isn't.
When ever i attempt to take a deep breathe I cannot complete it, it feels like something ...

My lungs ache and I am coughing up lots of clear mucus, what could this mean?
I was a smoker, but I recently quit because of this.....

i would go the doctor's to find out for sure. you might have bronchitis. you can aslo go to web.com/syptom checker

Sounds like your sinuses are draining in your lungs, do you have bad allergies?

It is very normal to cough up clear mucus after you quit smoking . All of the nasty crap you were inhaling is coming out .

Diane M
According to my doctor the color of the mucus isnt important anymore. You could have bronchitis, sinus infection, virus, or lots of other things. Your lungs probably ache from the coughing but there could also be an infection in the linings of the lungs. The best thing to do is to see your doctor who may recommend a chest xray and can prescribe any medication to get rid of infection. Smoking may have irritated this but most likely isnt the cause.

Your lungs probably ache from the coughing. If the mucus is clear than it is not an infection. Take some mucinex that will help with the cough and the mucus. If you develop a fever, yellow or green mucus, shortness of breath, or just general worsening of your condition that see a physician.

bill j
Sounds like pneumonia or copd, get to a pulmonologist and get it checked promptly, I had pneumonia and was hospitalised for 6 days in intensive care and now have copd..I'm on inhalers and o2 at nite , don't mess with it get it checked immediately, ..I was a smoker for 30 years til this..

It means it is time to see a doctor

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