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My husband wakes up choking and can hardly breathe. What could be causing this?
He says that he feels like be will die before he can get his breathe

are u trying to kill him??

You husband probably has sleep apnea. It causes sudden waking with choking and gaging and gasping for air.
He needs to go in for a sleep study?
Does he stay tired alot?? If so, he pobably does.

Nancy G
The most important answer is, see a doctor - IMMEDIATELY. In fact, next time it happens, I'd consider calling 911. In the meantime, you might consider reading about sleep apnea.

Please do not ignore these symptoms. They are very serious and one night, he may not wake up.

Looks like this is sleep apnea. Please show him to your doctor right away. This is a very serious condition

luck d
Sounds like sleep apnea. The back of his soft palette (the pharanx at the back of the mouth/top of the throat) is causing him to choke.

This isn't an official diagnosis, of course, check with a doctor.

The good news is, I saw a story on the news a few months ago featureing a "cure" for this problem. They surgically embed a few strips of plastic inside the part of the throat that chokes the person when they sleep. Think of it like those "breath right" strips that you use on your nose but for the inside of your throat instead.

It's a new technique but supposedly works a charm.

The following link is one result I turned up when searching for "plasitic implants cure for sleep apnea."

Good luck. Don't let this go! Interrupted sleep like this is very bad for your health!

I think that is some sort of sleeping disorder where you stop breathing as you're sleeping. Ask a doctor, and maybe do a sleep study.

Yes, it sounds very much like Sleep Apnea. I have it. You need to get a sleep study done. I had the surgery in 2004. They removed my soft palette, uvula, and my tonsils. It stopped my snoring. This surgery is not always 100%. It worked a little. I still need to sleep with my C-Pap machine. Which is a pain, the head gear gets tangled in your hair.

My husband has this also. I've been trying to get him to get a sleep study. It is a very serious problem which has many, many, side effects if left untreated. Good Luck!

It's probably sleep apnea which is a condition in which, for any number of reasons, a person will stop breathing during their sleep. This can be a very serious and even life threatening condition so I suggest your husband go see a doctor. You can find out more about sleep apnea here:



joe f
It sounds like sleep apnea which can be dangerous

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