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If anyone has any suggestions as to what it could be I'd appreciate it.
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Thanks "Destroyer" I think you've hit the nail on the head for me, It is ...

 How i can stop smoking?
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My ear is clogged and I cannot hear well! How can I unclog?
In the last week or so my ears have clogged like I just stepped out of the pool. I have ignored it up til a yesterday when I purchased an Ear Clog Removal kit. After perfoming the procedure with the kit last night. My ear feels even more clogged. I did it again this morning and, you guessed it, it's worse still. Now I can barely hear. What can this be and how can I fix it?

have you had a throat infection or cold recently? it could just be a build up of wax, there is a product available at the pharmacy called waxol, it works effectively at unblocking the ear canal, if symptoms persist i would see your doctor... good luck!

you should go to a doctor. but until then for a little relief just try a little Hydrogen Peroxide in your ear...it will bubble up and clear it some. good luck =}

Sounds like an infection, Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to make it go away.

Some ear infections will go away on their own, but yours sounds pretty bad and needs help.

Not treating will result in hearing damage. Do NOT put peroxide in your ear, it damages tissue if it gets in the middle ear through an ear drum that is perforated (has a tear) from the infection pushing against it. It can also hurt like crazy!

a Q-tip

Try using a little peroxide. I

see a docter.

Go see your doctor, they'll have some kind of otic drops that can unclog your ear. If not they could put a tube in to drain it.

You could try putting oil in your ear and some cotton. Let that sit a few hours and try flushing it out again. If that doesn't fix it you should go see a doctor.


Common denominator and still my best option Hydrogen Peroxide, even the over the counter ear Drops have it.

IF IT´S NOT AN EAR INFECTION and you are certain about it, then go ahead and try the peroxide drops: 4 - 5 drops evry 8 hrs for 5 days.- that will unblock any ear wax out from the external ear canal.


If you´ve ever had any ear drum perforation before just don´t try any ear Drops, just go to the nearest ENT.

This happens to my son often. The reason the ear is clogged is because there is fluid around the ear drum that is not properly draining. It most often leads to infection. I would see a Dr. Just to be safe.

meg s
there are safe over the counter drops and sprays that you can use to clear it up.

I have had the same problem, go to the doctor, they will flush it out!

A couple drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear canal will usually work.

obama 08`
go to the ear doctor and see what they can do.

The way
Google "Ear candles"

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