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 HELP! Smoking Problems?
Every once in a while, i would smoke weed, and I start to feel extremely dizzy, almost as if i was getting blood taken from my body, and be on the borderline of passing out. I would slowly come out ...

I quit smoking after 30 years. Its easier than I thought but i am concerned with the color of mucus that I am coughing up (yellow or green with brown dots in it) Are the brown dots , nicotine? And ...

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 Can having a cold trigger an asthma attack?
I'm getting over a head cold and yesterday I felt like it was affecting more than just my head. I kept having coughing fits all day and the cough had a wheeze. Then last night my chest felt ...

 Can someone give me some words of wisdom?
i have stopped smoking, today is my first day, can anyone give me advice, encouragement, or words of motivation please?...

 Is there a link between heavy smoking and anxiety?
Can heavy smoking make you anxious?...

 What do you know about sleep apnea?
Why do you think people have daytime sleepiness . Do you feel it has to do with snoring and waking up several times in the nite. What illnesses come from your breathing stops in your sleep alot....

 Can a living person be a LUNG donor?

 I drank too much the other night and have had the hiccups for nearly two days. any advice?
medical professionals only please. i drank water, held my breath, drank water from the back of the cup, sugar and swimming. medical advice only, please....

 Do you ever get overwhelmed by noxious fumes after you sit down in someone else's chair at work?
Christ... I am gagging over here.... It's like a nasty little green vapor cloud emerged out of the chair as I sat in it... Ackh..gwegg.. Ackkk......

 I have a cold of sorts, and whenever I blow my nose, there's blood. How concerned should I be?
I'm on ginger, which is a known blood thinner, which I think may have something to do with this....

 I have earky onset alzhimer. I 'm looking for a device to help family locate me. Is there such a thing? HELP!
MY family get nervoius if I don't check in ....

 Collapsed lung?
don't know why it happened, docs say it was spontaneous and that its likely to happen again. Got to go back thursday for x ray to check lung again. Not sure where to go from here and what to ask ...

 Will both lungs collapse if one is collapsed? why or why not?

 My 9 month old baby has pneumonia and i have him his prescriptions and he also takes a cough medicine and....?
now his pupils are dialated and he seems really weak? could it just be the cough medicine we had to give him??? I am concerned, what sshould I do? Is it normal?...

 Difficult swallowing?
For the past 2 months, i couldn't swallow solid foods like beef, chicken or pizza. I am not stressed out or depressed, and its not in my head that i can't swallow. I have had a scope done, ...

 Urinary tract infection relief?
I'm going to the doctors tomorow but I'm rally uncomfortable now I just got out of the shower and I can't go get cranberryjuice or pills how do I feel better just tonight?...

 What are these sharp pains in my chest?
I am 15 year old Male and I keep getting these wierd pains in my upper left chest/left arm pains.
Sometimes It will be just a slight discomfort in my chest, but then it will get worse intil the ...

 Chest pains? what could this be?
I'm going to the doctors in the morning for this, but I wanted to know people's opinions. I'm 26, 135 pounds. I'm healthy for my age, drink lots of water, eat nutritious foods, ...

 How did you stop smoking?
I don't smoke, but my mother and sister do. I really want them to quit and I was just curious what you did to quit smoking....

Marijuana smoker and cigarette smoker's lung comparison?
can anyone show me pictures of the lungs of people who smoked marijuana and the lungs of people who smoked cigarettes when they were alive. i need pictures of different lungs per drug. I would also like to know which you think is more dangerous, pot or cigaretes, and if you have a biased opinion on the subject please don't answer.

do not know where to find such pictures but definetely know that marijuaha is more dangerous 'cos it's a drug!
its better to smoke cigarettes than grugs. www.cigarettes-smoke.net

Your lungs on Cigs


Your lungs on pot


Not any difference they will both kill ya

BTW your comment about biased opinions I am an ex smoker sitting here with an oxygen tank

from what the last guy said is wrong. it depends on how you smoke it. even if you took the tobacco out of a cigarette you will still get all the cancer causing chemicals. now if you smoke marijuana out of cigars and rolling papers then thats pretty much the bad stuff your getting in your lungs. but weed will damage some brain cells. but if you only smoked good weed with out all the chemicals they try to use to make it undetectible when they smuggle it in and also smoked out of a clean bong all the time then you will stay pretty healthy and it will also really decrease your chances of alzheimers.

I don't know where you can find photos look at a prominent medical school website.
Both pot and tobacco will harm your lungs, both have tars and toxins that kill lung tissue.
Pot however kills brain cells and impairs judgment.
Tobacco is very addicting and has shown to increase lung cancer.


Not biased. I believe cigarettes are by far worse for you. I smoke cigarettes and forgo the pot because I have to work and my employer has a drug testing program.

Too bad congress and the president don't!

I have to believe that cigarettes are worse...Not because tobacco is worse than mj, but because of all the extra crap they put in cigarettes. I recently watched a documentary on this...Only 50% of the cigarette is actual tobacco leaves...Another 30% is made up of stems, sweepings from the factory floor, and stale cigarettes returned from stores. The rest of the cigarette is chemicals...they put Formaldehyde in them, so that when the tobacco burns, it chemically changes, so that you'll get a more direct hit, and the addiction will be triggered more quickly (essentially freebasing the tobacco). They put other things in them, too...like butter fat - to help it be more "smooth". The list of scary things that are included in the cigarette is so long I couldn't possibly remember all of them.

Awesome question! I smoke pot and cigarettes. I've gotta say they are both pretty bad for the lungs. I don't necessarily think one is worse than the other. I don't think either are "dangerous".

A lot of pot smokers (many of my friends included) seem to think pot doesn't cause lung cancer. I don't think this is true. Inhaling smoke of any kind can cause lung cancer, so I think there are definite links to cancer.

Its so difficult to say because cigarettes have a filter that gets the big particles out of the smoke. If you roll a doobie, you don't get the filtering of a cigarette. But then what if you smoke your weed in a bong? The smoke is filtered through water.

Seems like there are a lot of variables to be considered. Definitely didn't answer your question, but hope this helped out somehow.

May 24, 2006

MARIJUANA & LUNG CANCER People who smoke marijuana -- even heavy, long-term users -- may not have an increased risk of developing lung cancer, researchers report this week at the American Thoracic Society meeting in San Diego. A new study compared 611 people with lung cancer, 601 people with head and neck cancer, and 1,040 people without cancer. The data showed a large increase in the risk of cancer with tobacco smoking -- 20 times the risk of lung cancer for people who smoke two or more packs a day. But no increase in risk of lung cancer or head and neck cancer was detected in marijuana users.

Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection

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