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 Quit smoking?
Does any one know of any free resources to quit smoking
for someone without medical insurance, would like to use the
patch or pills for this problem....

 What else can I do with my child's asthma?
I feel so helpless. My child gets asthma complications every 3-4 months, this is her airways become filled with phlegm provoking coughing, wheezing and eventually chest spasms and asthma. In order to ...

 I am quitting smoking, and I want to start running, but I can't breathe. How long til I get my lungs back?

Additional Details
I smoked for 1.5 years... I am 21. I am more wondering if smoking can cause asthma and/or if there is anything more I can do. I quit a month ago (34 days)...

 Starve a fever--feed a cold, but what if you have both?

 I quit smoking after 5 years. Is there anything that I can actively do to aid my lung repair?
Besides not smoking again, keeping away from smoky bars, etc?...

 How about second hand Smoke it kills?

 Was asbestos commonly used in plaster walls and ceilings years ago?

Additional Details
I have had this recurring thought of being exposed. I tore out a ceiling in an old school house about ten years ago. There was a large duct labelled "DANGER, AS...

 Can fish suffer from Asthma?

 Why is every thing blamed on smoking?
The doctors keep telling me i have to stop smoking and I am tired of the same ole story all the time, I have worked in the tool shops for over 40 years and have breathed in all that oils, fumes, ...

 Is it okay to eat 'Mixed Nuts' while you have the cold?
i mean, would it make my cold worse?

And can someone recommend any other snacks I can munch on as I try to overcome this cold?...

 Could I have Pneumonia?
Yesterday I had a burning in my upper chest area,and this morning I threw up and I feel like I have a virus,But the burning in my chest has worsened...Could this be Pneumonia?
Additional D...

 Can you recommend a good over-the-counter cough suppressant that WORKS?
I tried Delsam with little to no results, even though that came highly recommended. I've heard Robittusin Cough (or Robittusin CF?) is good, but I'd like some more feedback before buying ...

 I keep waking myself up snoring,heeeeeeeelp?

 Why do u like the soaps so much?

 I want to start jogging but I have asthma should I?
I mean, I know I should, but how should I go about that?
I run a few meters and I already feel my chest closing up, and if I push myself I get breif but painful headaches that make my vision ...

 Deviated Septum?
what kind of doctor should I see for a Deviated Septum?...

 Is hepatitis desease a genetic factor? factor?

 My dad is 59 years old and a smoker. Lately he has been complaining of having a hard time breathing.?
I am asking on here because he refuses to see a doctor. I have been begging him to go for years.

What could be wrong with him?...

 Hi I am 37yrs married I have a problem of snoring and that effects my wife during sleep.pl help me out.?

 What is the best nasal spray or tablets for a bunged up nose?
Chronic sinusitis, and acute sinusitis when I have even minor colds.

Cost is important as well. One way around the rebound effect is to take very increasing doses (then lay off entirely). ...

cam cam
List things that are harmful to the lungs?

Additional Details
make answers appropriate for an eight year old -my kid

Michelle G
Mold, asbestos, coal dust, fiberglass insulation, etc.


the air we breath, smoke, Clorox, toxic fumes

Cigarettes, hair spray, asphalt, dyes, etc.......

Second hand smoke
first hand smoke
aerosol cleaning products
paint fumes
air pollution

peachie resurrected
smoking ciggerettes are number1 and another is breathing fumes like paint; hairspray.breathing in dirt is not good either.airplain glue that you make models out of . smoke is another. i;m sure the list goes on and on.

gizmo's pal
number1 smoke and smoking,then dust dirt certain gases

Stacey R.
General things that aren't good for you. Cigarettes, drugs, bad diet, being around second hand smoke.. etc.

Cigarette smoke, drugs, toxic chemical, car exhausts, etc.

Lori R
My mothers pulmonologist says the worse thing ever is bleach. Dont smell it and dont be around it for long.

just think -- any chemical that can be inhaled by the lungs (excluding medications of course)

-smoke (cigarette included)
-household chemicals -- bleach, ammonia, etc.
-carbon monoxide (from cars) -- very dangerous
-heat (you shouldn't be exposed to it)

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