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Bretta bo betta
Is this normal for a TB test?
I got a TB test in my wrist at the doctor three days ago and I haven't been back to see if it's normal or not yet but I'm just wondering if anyone knows what it means to have a small discolored spot around where the needle was put in? Is this normal or not? It sort of looks like a small bruise..

I think that's bad.

It will be the bruise, some people bruise easily, if you hevent heard from the dr everything is fine.
But if you are worried about it then speak to your nurse.

Thats exactly what it is, probably just a bruise. Depending on how sensitive your skin is is how ofter that will often. Best of luck on your results!

this is normal. if you have a blister. it means you have it.

it's normal, i had one done the other week, and like you i freaked out to haha! but it's suppose to do that.

just make sure you go back to the doctor

You need to go back to have it read in 48-72hrs. A bruise can be a negative result. A positive result will something like: large red swelling area, or no redness with a large bump like felling. If you have no redness, or a bump you can feel when running you finger over it, you should be fine.

im not sure about a bruise
but if theres a bump it means u have been in contact with the tb virus
or u already have it
ask your doctor

I don't think the bruising matters either way.

Redness alone at the skin test site is a negative reaction meaning you have not been infected with TB bacteria. A firm red bump is a positive reaction to the skin test meaning you have been infected with TB bacteria at some time. The size of the firm bump (not the red area) is measured 2 to 3 days after the test to determine the result. Your doctor will consider your chance of having TB when looking at the skin test site. http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/tuber...

If the bruise is raised, red or you develop white spots around the test site, you should contact your doctor. Sometimes the Mantoux test will give false positives, but if there is any reaction whatsoever, contact your caregiver.

that i s fine i think.. as long as its not raised at all then it should be negative... if u can run ur finger down ur arm with ur eyes closed and u CANT feel where the shot was.. then u are good :)

The bruise may just be a bruise, don't stress before it's time. If you get a positive it could be a false positive. The doctor will do a second test to see if you get another positive.

Here is the info I have from my test.
What does the test result mean?
A healthcare worker will interpret your test results by looking at the injection site on your forearm at 48 or 72 hours (in most cases). A positive result will form a red and swollen circle at the site of the injection. The size (diameter) of the swollen raised circle determines whether exposure to TB has occurred. The size that is considered positive varies with the health status and age of the individual. Even when infected, children, the elderly, and patients who are severely immune compromised (such as those with AIDS) may have smaller, delayed, or even negative reactions to the TB skin test.

Negative results may mean that you have not been exposed to TB, that your immune system has not responded to the test, or that it is too early to detect exposure. It takes about 6 weeks after infection before a person demonstrates a positive reaction to the PPD. If your doctor wants to confirm a negative result, he may repeat the TB skin test, or in some cases, perform another type of test called QuantiFERON® - TB Gold test (QFT-G).

Positive results may be due to a latent or active TB infection, or occasionally due to a false positive. Positive results may also be seen in those who have received a BCG (Bacille Calmette-Guérin) vaccination. BCG is a vaccine that is not used in the United States but is often routinely administered in other countries that have a higher incidence of TB.

Positive results must be followed up by other tests such as chest X-rays to look for signs of active TB disease. If active TB disease is suspected, AFB cultures may be used to confirm the diagnosis.

Lamar's Alarm
that's the normal, now had it been large and swollen and blistered looking then that would have been a positive sign. Oh yeah, if you feel like a knot under the skin.


Kourtney M
I just got a tb test the other day to. But I have never heard of getting one on the wrist area before. I have always gotten mine on the inner part of my arm below the elbow. Alot of people get a little bruise after the test. That is normal. I was at the doctors today to get mine checked and they said that it looked fine. They said if it looks like a pit than you have tb.

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