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Is breathing voluntary?
i was arguing with me health teacher that breathing was voluntary
but he insists it's involuntary

You can breathe voluntarily, but it is primarily involuntary (you don't have to think about doing it). If you lose your hypoxic drive (which is what causes you to breathe), then you have to be put on a ventilator - you can't just voluntarily breathe for the rest of your life.

Its involuntary...

Tyler L
it is involuntary. although you can control it, eventually you do breath. thank about it: are you constantly telling yourself to breathe in, breathe out? no. when you sleep, do you have to wake yourself up to breathe? no. it is involuntary, because you do not have to think about it: you involuntarily do it.

Malik J
It is both because you can think about breething like when you hold your breath and sometimes you are breething but not thinking about it.

Your health teacher is correct. Carbon Dioxide level in the blood stream ( not low oxygen level, although that does contribute, but not primarily) ) is the main stimulus to breathe in the normal human body.
Jerylyn is correct about hypoxic drive theory in people with lung disease like copd who are unable to eliminate CO2 and develop a compensatory mechanism, they are known in the field as CO2 retainers, Hypoxic drive is not the main stimulus in normal healthy lungs. Also, folks who are put on ventilators for the most part will come off the ventilator and breathe by themselves again. Remember that many folks in comatose states are breathing by themselves. Here is an excerpt from a nicely written article:
When the body ‘burns’ food the end products are mainly water and carbon dioxide, together with some nitrogenous chemicals such as Urea. The carbon dioxide enters the bloodstream, is carried to the lungs, and is excreted in the expired air of breathing. The atmospheric air we inhale contains virtually no carbon dioxide, whereas there is about 5% in the air we breathe out.

Carbon dioxide reacts in the blood to form carbonic acid and bicarbonate and, if it were allowed to accumulate, would cause acidosis. This condition is particularly harmful to the cells of the brain. Carbon dioxide diffuses into the liquid in the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) ; any excess makes it more acid, and this in turn stimulates neural receptors in the brain stem that increase breathing. The result is that the carbon dioxide is blown off in the lungs and the acidity of the blood and brain are kept close to normal levels. Carbon dioxide is the main chemical stimulus to breathing, which is regulated primarily to keep blood and brain acidity at healthy values. If the carbon dioxide in the lungs increases by only 0.2%, from a normal level of about 5%, then breathing is doubled. Breathholding accumulates carbon dioxide in the body, which leads to an irrepressible desire to breathe (lack of oxygen is also a stimulus, but far weaker than carbon dioxide). Conversely, if we voluntarily hyperventilate, the level of carbon dioxide in the blood will decrease, and breathing may be inhibited until more carbon dioxide accumulates. Hyperventilation can have harmful effects because of the pronounced reduction in blood and CSF acidity. Since decreases in carbon dioxide and acidity constrict blood vessels, particularly in the brain, one effect is to reduce the blood supply to the brain.

he is right it's involuntary, you may be able to hold your breath for given amount of time, but it's involuntary, a good example of voluntary would be like arm and leg movements

Breathing is involuntary. Try holding your breath. The reason you can't hold your breath beyond a certain point is not because you are running out of Oxygen, rather it's your brain not letting you do that. You can extend the time you hold your breath by practicing holding your breath. By doing this you are training your brain to allow you to hold your breath longer, but at somepoint you will have to breath. Just look at this this way, people who become unconcious keep breathing; how does that happen? This happens because as long as your brain is working, it will keep you breathing. This is why you are breating when you are asleep. I hope this help. If not yet convinced, you can dig-up a physiology text book for a detailed scientific answer.

it's involuntary, yet controllable at times.

NJ Engineer
It's involuntary. Try holding your breath. Even if you have perfect control and hold it as long as physically possible (don't use any extra devices to stop you from breathing) you will pass out and start breathing again.

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