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 Having trouble?
lately I have been having trouble breathing (like having to take a deep breath every few minutes) Could it be asthma? or something else?...

 My 4 year old son was denied health insurance due to preexisting asthma ... any suggestions?
he has very mild asthma triggered by cold/virus and he's only been to the emergency room once during heavy fires in Los Angeles. he takes inhalers & singulair everyday....

 Does anti-smoking want to make you smoke more?
I quit smoking about 3 1/2 weeks ago because I was had surgery last week. I liked smoking, but I wanted to quit at some point so it was a good excuse. My biggest problem? Those stupid anti-smoking ...

 Symptoms of what?
Friday I started feeling pretty sick. I put the covers on but it felt too hot, when I pulled them off it felt too cold. I had cough attacks but not that serious. My head was pounding and I had a high ...

i was fixing my inhaler cause i needed it and i accidently took 4 puffs instead of 2 am i going be ...

 Can you suffer from Asthma and not be whezzy?

Additional Details
Or not wheeze when you breath?...

 Do I have asthma?
I don't have any allergies, but about 3 hours ago I ran a mile like I do weekly. I usually get from a 7:00 to an 8:00 minute, and I got a 7:15 today, which is typical for me. Every week I find ...

 Can you die from bronchitis?

 Hi. I'm trying to stop smoking. When I don't smoke, my head feels fuzzy?
will this eventually go away?

thanks so ...

 Does anyone know of homeopathic remedies for sinusitis?
I have chronic sinusitis. Currently I am on an anti-histamine, a saline nose spray and an antibiotic creme. This isn't going so well as my doctor has prescribed the maximum dosage and I still ...

My boyfriends friends have got me into smoking waterpipe with floauvered tobacco. I don't smoke. But I did try this and I really enjoyed it, is this better than cigarets? I've always been ...

 What is emphysema?and is there a cure?

 Anyone know anything about fevers?
My partner is running a fever hot and cold and sweating buckets
I'm dosing him with paracetamol and making him drink water. What should his temperature be normally and at what temperature ...

 How can i tell if i have a sinus infection or just a common cold?
I dont want to have to the doctor unless i have to. And with a sinus infection would my throat hurt?...

 I feel like I'm only breathing thru one lung, has it collapsed?? HELP!!!?
It feels like I am only breathing out of my right lung...it feels as though I am not getting any air though my left lung at all. Then today, Im not sure if this is related but, after 10 months of not ...

 My son is havin cough?
my son is 4 years old ...he has got a gland on his neck ...we have consulted the doctor regarding this ...he hs given us a 9 month medication ...the doctor suggested that nothing to worry about ......

 Do u smoke ?
if so what


 If you have pneumonia or..?
if you have pneumonia or bronchitis and you don't go to the doctor what would happen?...

 Inhaler side effects?
I went to the doctor today to see if they thought I had asthma. They prescribed me an albuterol sulfate inhaler and an antihistamine. Tonight, about 20-30 minutes ago, probably, I used it for the ...

 Cigarette smoking, will I smoke more by changing to lights?
I am a 40 year old female cigarette smoker, I smoke over 2 packs a day of Newport 100's. Is it true that if I switch to light 100's that I will smoke more? I have been a smoker since I was 1...

Is applying vaporub or vicks inside the nose dangerous even if it helps you breathe better for who has asthma?

Miss Courtney Marie
I dont think its a good idea,it can get into your lungs

laurel g
I have severe asthma, and I do put a teensy dot of Vicks right at the start of each nostril. it helps me.

chris n
Its not dangerous,but dont put it up your nose,that stuff is strong,apply on the upper lip right under the nose

Who said it was dangerous?

as long as your not putting it right up your nose i guess not

It isn't a good idea to stick Vick's Vaporub inside of your nostrils because it is a petroleum based jelly, which if inhaled to excess, can cause what is called chemical pneumonitis. I don't think scientists have done any studies as to just how much it would take to make you sick though, so that should be taken into account.

it can cause irritation and drying if applied to membranes. Otherwise unless you are allergic or sensitive to Menthol or Eucalyptus it is not dangerous and can help soothe inflammed mucus membraines and bronchi

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