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Glenna R
If your home air conditioner has a freon leak, can the gases leak into the house causing illness?

If the a/c unit is inside, or in the window, then yes, and freon is highly toxic. If the a/c is outside, it depends on whether there is a way for the freon to enter your home. Either way, freon is highly toxic and the leak should be stopped a.s.a.p.

Hell yes it can! You better get rid of that **** if it does leak.

It has been illegal to use freon in a/c, for several years. now!

that's a question I'd suggest you ask a professional, it's not something you want to be getting wrong.

Chances are extremely remote that you'd even notice. The amount of refrigerant in a system is so small compared to the volume of air in a house it's just very remote that it could happen. If the house were sealed? Umm. Not likely.

Michael K
Absolutely......................Call someone to repair quickly.

yes, although only in large amounts. R-22 or other freon displaces O2 and it would have to be a massive leak to displace enough O2 to make someone ill.

Elwood Blues
This is theoretically possible, but highly unlikely. The old refrigerant, R-22, under the trade name Freon, contains chlorofluorocarbons, and is a toxic gas. This has recently been replaced with R-410A , (under the name of Puron et al) which doesn't contain the deadly chlorine; but unless your system has been changed in the last 5 years, you probably still have the R-22.

It is illegal to vent Freon into the air, and can result in a fine of up to $25,000.00 per incident, enforced by the E.P.A. It has been theorized that the chemical composition of Freon was a contributing factor in depletion of the ozone layer. But your question is, is it causing illness?

The refrigerant gas is under tremendous pressure, and when released into the air from a leak in the a/c system, it tends to dissipate very quickly; unlike off-gassing from fungi, for example, that can linger and cause severe upper respiratory distress. The notable exception to the potential health hazard of escaping refrigerant is if it is exposed to combustion, like a pilot light. The result of that reaction can be phosgene gas, which is a deadly toxin.

If you are concerned about this possibility, a qualified A/C tech can perform a leak check for you that will pick up mere molecules of leaking refrigerant. I suspect, however, if you or you family are experiencing home-related upper-respiratory symptoms, fungi (mold) is a more likely culprit.

Freon they say can make you sick, but it has never bother me and I cut the lines on about 3 units and it all leaks out in less than a minute and its never bothered me so if it is a slow leak from only one unit then I wouldn't worry about it to much.

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