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 How long does Common Cold stays?
I wonder how long does common cold stays for a person...I would expect it to go off in a week but its more than 10 days. Any suggestion?...

 Is Bronchitis serious?

Additional Details
i've been to the doctor and gotten an ...

 Need results by wednesday?
I just got over a sinus infection and now my throat is all scratchy and it sounds awful when i talk. like im losing my voice or something. also, i have a really gross sounding cough! :(
I have a ...

 My son is 4yrs old.How can i cure his asthma?

 Hi. I REALLY need to quit smoking - any suggestions?
I am so fed up, and I know my girlfriend will leave me since I have told her at least 5 times that I will stop.


Thanks so ...

 I have got a cold sore throat and tickly cough and keep feeling the need a hot drink?
but i don't want to keep drinking tea and coffee has anyone got any ideas for a hot drink ( none alcoholic )...

 What is legionnaire decease?

 Anxiety trouble?
Ever since I got sick last week my anxiety has gotten out of control and yesterday in the hospital i had broke down crying.
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 What is the effect of smoking a pack a day. What kind of disease or diseases will develop?

 Fluid in his lungs, 1 week in ICU at the hospital, on Mechanical Ventilation...What's wrong with my grandpa?
My Grandpa was rushed to ER last week due to trouble breathing. He's staying in the ICU & hooked up to the ventilation machine (one w/ the tube going down his throat) to help him breath. I’...

 What can i do abt my snoring cousin i cant sleep at night and he's only 4yrs old?

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ok so i should get ear plugs, but even with ear plugs i can hear him,where can i find effective ear plugs.. am in ...

 Doctor diagnosed my kid with croup?
He is only 4 and this started 11 days ago and he is still getting temperatures as high as 103! Is this right? His chest is clear, he has no rashes and ears are ok. Im getting more worried! Any advice ...

 High fever and lots of coughing?
Ive had a fever for the past two day. 100.2 at the lowest and 100.9 at the highest. I have a really bad headache like almost a migrane. And I cant seem to stop coughing. Ever time i cough my chest ...

 I am in deep trouble?
please does anybody have any real good ideas or old remedies to stop me from SNORING in bed.Iknow i am overweight but i need to do something now ,Ihave tried patches on my nose but i seem to snore ...

 I have a huge headache that lasted over a month already....and i'm only 15....is it a problem???
can you please write all the possibilties of the migraine(sp?)

 Kennel cough?

 I need relief for a stuffy nose and scratchy throat FAST!?
Can you help me? I have district Solo and Ensemble competition tomorrow! I am taking a vocal solo, a trombone solo, am part of two choral ensembles and a brass quintet. Obviously, it's VERY bad ...

 Any advice on stopping snoring?
really bad snorer keeping partner awake any good advice on products or help with advise how to stop this is causing a big problem between ...

 Ahh help please?
my sister keeps on caughing up blood

what does this mean?? DXXXX
Additional Details

 Second Hand Smoke?
My 14 month old daughter was just diagnosed with bronchiolitis and ear infection(she has had the ear infection for over a month this is her 3rd round of antibiotics) I am wondering if my husband ...

· If you smoke, how old were you when you started smoking?

15 yrs old, quit in 2000 after I found out I was pregnant, went back one week after I had her......social smoking since then or stress reliever.

I DON'T SMOKE but I know I girl who started when she was 11!

I started smoking when I was 10. Basically my parents, who both smoked told me I couldn't. Well I reckoned that if they were saying that it must be good !
I'm 44 now, still smoking and if I could change anything in my life it would have that first ***.

wut up!
12 or 13 cant remember

sarah k
14, thought I looked cool.

i was 14 when i started smoking, now 33 years old.

july 1999

Yes i smoke and i was 6yrs old when i had a taste of my first ciggerette,and i wish i never did,i was 10yrs old when i started buying 5 parkdrive tipped and it has got worse ever since.I am now 51yrs old had cancer and i still smoke i have tried everything to stop without much luck........ I do hope that has answered your question for you.........

about 11, that was 10 years ago!



I was 15 when I started smoking.

i foget now hold on yes it was in...............no sorry long time ago smoking does not make you forgetfull x

happy chappy
1959 when I was 15

Mary D
17 so I should have had more sense !!

I started when I was 16!

I'm 25 and trying very hard to quit.

I started off and on when I was 18...full time when I was 21 and I just quite when I was 32. I still miss it sometimes, but it's been about 3 months of quitting.

I was 11 the first time I ever smoked. But I was 12 when I had some everyday. I am now fixing to turn 22. I have chronic bronchitis and have had pneumonia twice. I have a lot of breathing problems, and I'm trying to quit. I will be graduating from nursing school this year and the majority of my patients have copd, emphysema, or lung cancer. There's nothing worse in the world than feeling like you can't breathe.

15. 10 embassy number 6 would last me a month. lol.


sad to say 11 yrs old, it was a typical thing to do after your 1st day of secondary school with all your new class mates. wish i hadnt started though. that was a loooong time ago. xx

Elizabeth (the jewish princess)
ive read some of your answers and bless your hearts, ive never smoked my whole family does and they cough like they've got TB it sounds awful i think everyone i know who smokes would take it back if they could, who invented this anyway, lets kill them lol good luck on quitting i hear it's pretty hard like up there with heroin, so to all of you who have already quit and who are on your way kudos, big kudos

13... I remember the school days where we used to all group up in the field or surrounding areas and puff away...we got caught sometimes..but the teachers used to nick em for themselves when that happened..!!:) .Still the Polo mints and the gloves i wore while i smoked didn't fool my mum...ha!

Jr high. Hiding in the grave next to the school yard to smoke.13

lauri h
I was 9! my sister made me start so i wouldn't tell on her ! now i'm 31 and am having a hard time quitting

lissa f
i was 14 i wish id never started but at that age it was cool but now its just expensive i often think i could have a lovely holiday a year with the amount i spend!

i started at secondary school aged 11,36 now. my 17yr old as just started.i tried to get her to stop but she wont,maybe we,ll should give up together.

da dude
I'm in my 40's and never even puffed on a cigarette.

Gypsy Doctor
I started when I was 18 smoked 1/3 pack for a year

I quit when I was 40 1.5 packs a day then my father contracted lung cancer I quit in 10 days

that was 10 years ago. Dad's been dead 6 years.

15, i'm almost 21 now and I quit 3 months ago. DON'T START IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!


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