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 Can you cough up green pghlem with a normal cold?
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are they any ways you know of to help it, even just rumoured treatment?...

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BTW-- I have ...

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Additional Details
barnz501 - I've tried that. It doesn't seem to work for me....

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However, if I don't have an inhaler handy, is there some other method/household product or ...

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 I can't breathe, but doctors won't help. Can you?
I find it really hard to breathe in, and sometimes it hurts my chest. Also, all my muscles "shiver" and twitch, and I can't control them.

I've had this for 3 months now,...

 Breathed in small fly???
I just breathed in a small fly and I've been coughing for the past 10mins. Could it still be alive in my throat? There is this weird tickling in my throat and I keep on coughing..

 Is breathing voluntary?
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 I have asthma and i've been on prednisone for almost 4 years and?
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 I have the worst cough ever.?
i cant stop coughing and im at work. im trying to hold it but it makes it worst should i even be at work with this..?..what can make me stop coughing. i think i was even coughing in my sleep.....

 What is my condition?
whenever I cough, my eyes water and i feel like i am going to throw up. i have even coughed up blood. this happens several times a day. does anyone ahave any idea what my condition could be. yes, ...

 Can your own carbon dioxide be inhaled by your own nose?

 Does asthma go away and never come back?

 After quitting smoking,is increased coughing and mucos normal?
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Kevin H
If you have a cold or flu is it unwize to swallow flem that you cough up?

Redawg J
It makes no difference...it's just gross to swallow that stuff!

You might get a little nauseated but other than that probably not

You'll just end up throwing it up again.

It can make you throw up. You should really spit it out in a tissue.

Eww....spit it out!! Why do you want to swallow it !

If you swallow enough of it...it will just make you throw up. So, when you cough it up...try to spit it out. I hate having to vomit!

Your nasal passages are lined with tiny hairs and mucous membranes that filter out dirt from the air you breath in and move it down into your throat - where you swallow it and your stomach takes good care of it. So, don't worry; spit it out or swallow it, whatever you like. The color of the phlegm you cough up is an indicator of what's happening with your lungs and is an assessment finding a medical professional will ask you about.

spit it out when you can or you will get stomach ache also

Rhonda B
It does not matter if you swallow flem or secretions. I am a registered nurse. Other than it being unpleasant for you there is no medical reason why you can't swallow. Your stomach acids kill many germs daily and there is nothing in your lung that your stomach won't take care of. Good health.

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