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If a sick persons spit lands near/in your eye, are you gauranteed to get sick?
This happened to me earlier today. My boss has some kind of sickness, he is coughing quite a bit, and I think his spit landed in/near my eye. I really don't want to get sick! I drink a lot of Airborne, wash my hands often, and rarely put my hands near my face. Do you think I have a big chance of getting sick, or am I just overthinking it?

Johnny M
the flue and colds ALL enter throught the nose and mouth. Beleive it or not it mostly enters through the nose and if it was n ear your nose at all and you breathe (You kind of have to breathe to live) you may of cuaght it. But then again ur immune system may fight it off and you may not get sick.

Nichole R
Probably not.

Not all sicknesses/diseases are communicable - so we can not tell -the information provided is insufficient.

Believe it or not constantly sanitizing everything around you will make you more subseptable to becomeing sick when germs get a chance to get to you. Your immune system is not used to fighting them off. This is one of the things that i fear will happen we become germaphobes and everything becomes anti microbal then one day everyone dies from the common flue because our immune systems are garbage. I am not saying we should go out of our way to expose ourselves to germs but sanitizing everything becomes countr productive the moment a germ enters your system. It would be hard to say if your going to get sick there are several variables one of the biggest one is if he is still in the stage where whatever he has if it is contagious and for how long.
Personally i think your over thinking it and worried for no good reason if you get sick you get sick and will have to tough it out just like everyone else that gets sick. Here is the good news tho if you do get sick in theory you have lessened the chances of getting sick next time because after your immune system polishes off that illness you will not get sick with that same one again.

you are over-reacting to nothing. Gross but not dangerous.
Your eyes have tearducts, which help to keep them moist but means that a little bit of moisture always is comming out of them, so the spit that may have gotten in your eye would be naturally flushed away.

anthony s
It depends on the bug, virus or bacteria, highly or lowly contagious, etc. However, the best way to catch a cold is through your eyes. So, I would take precaution by loading up on vitamin C for a few days, and drinking lots of water. Also, get your sleep!!

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