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I stop smoking cold turkey. How long does it take for the craving to stop?
Does any one know any good ways to stop the cravings?

drink coffee

Ryan S
Water detox!


It depends on how long you smoked for, but i would generally say a while.

cute uk
em to stop craving i would try , washing the car ,tidy the house that sort of thing if you have any children play games or something well that sort of thing if you mean what i think you mean !

Think of your most favorite thing to eat. Like candy for instance. Then everytime you want to go smoke.. get some of that candy. That should help. It dependes on the person as to how long it takes the craving to stop. Hope that helped!!

I stopped smoking in 93 (cold turkey) after smoking for about 8 years. I decided when I was quitting that after about 6 months or so that I would try some operant conditioning upon myself, since I was sure this would work with me. I have issues of once I get throughly sick consuming something losing my taste for it, evidenced by my utter distaste for tequila,southern comfort and almond roca. I basically just picked a time when I was already nauseous to take my first post-quitting drag off a friends cigarette. Worked wonders for me, after vomiting for 20 or so minutes, I never had the desire to smoke cigarettes again.

Drew Carl
It takes a couple of days for the worst of it. Then about two weeks for the tough parts and a few months for the rest. Although I stopped 5 years ago and still get about 1 craving a month.

just me
Craving will never stop,though it gets less intense in about 3 months.I quit smoking about 10years ago,but 5 years ago i gave into craving,so now I'm a smoker again.Good luck to you.

I didn't even know that you could smoke cold turkey.

try a Nicotine patch or chew gum... i did the same thing and i think chewing is a really good way to relief but if you still cant stop than go for the patches but slowly reduce the amount you use until you dont need em anymore

It is awesome you have decided to quit. Unfortunately I doubt you will ever lose those cravings by going cold turkey. Cutting down and cold turkey don't work because they give Nicotine the power, not the other way around. The vast majority will fail to quit using these methods.

Smoking is more of a psychological addiction than a physical one. If you really want to quit you must discover the reasons why you smoke and then eliminate or change these thought processes.

Once you deal with the psychological side of smoking it makes the quitting process easy and best of all makes the cravings disappear.

Visit our blog for more information and to download our free book.

Good Luck and Good Quitting

P.L. Y
after 72 hours the craving will abate..some

avoid alcohol
stressfull situations

these are the three things that get you back to smoking

YOU will become more aggressive (males) and you will be having the munchies for sweets and for chewing (gum?)

Addicted to Diet Coke
The worst part it the first two weeks. I've been smoke free for 60 days, but I've used chantix.

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