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marie s
I have just finished a course of antibiotics for bronchitis?
I went back to work today, but i wish i didnt, i felt really ill the whole time, i am also REALLY short of breath, im finding it quite a strain,is this normal or should i go back to my doctor?

thanks all xx

Your chest infection hasn't been cleared up with the antibiotic,

you need to go back and get another antibiotic

Dr Frank
Most chesty episodes are viral, and even in those that are bacterial, the effect of antibiotics on the duration of symptoms is statistically fairly marginal. Rip roaring toxic pneumonias that are life threatening and where antibiotics are essential are in fact quite rare.

This means that most chesty episodes get better in spite of, rather than because of treatment.

It would be important to know if you are a smoker, and whether this is a single chesty episode or one of many over the years. This might bring asthma into the differential diagnoses, especially if you are breathless and also wheezy.

The fact that you are still breathless is worrying and suggests you should go back and see your GP. He should probably arrange a chest X-ray. If this is positive than he needs to treat accordingly. If it is normal, he needs to do some pulmonary function tests.

Take tomorrow off and go back to the doctor to extend your course of antibiotics

Any problems with breathing go straight back to the docs, better safe than sorry

you should go back to the doctor. sometimes it takes more then one round of antibiotics for this bug to be gone.

Debbie V
You need a new antibiotic. Go see the dr.

TX Mom

It sounds as if you have had quite a serious bout of bronchitis, talking from experience it can take months for your lungs to get clear and expand fully. Maybe your doctor can prescribe a short course of using an inhaler or nebuliser to help in getting your lungs opened fully. Please go back and have a chat with him. And if possible take more time of work, as the stress of working unwell is only going to add to the problem.

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