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SMOKERS....why did you start smoking?
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I feel like Im coughing up glass?
thats not good right?

It would be even worse if you was actually coughing up glass.


go to this site www.pannakal.com - that is an open online homeopathic clinic and it also has an open forum, where you can sign up to ask about your ailments. The doctor answers with a solution and he gives you a natural way to heal your sickness. I have tried natural medicines in the past and it works. hope you get better.

Irish AJ
I heard of an all natural cure all, it only involves a simple injection orally.

Not unless you're into that kind of thing. Did you eat glass recently?

Could be strep throat I would consult your doctor. I had strep last month and It was the worst.

Carmel Monster!
It's a hard hard cough right?

check it out ASAP there could be a throat infection

wow if u think your coughin up glasss then i advice u to go to the doctors immedatily.

Jasmany R
No sweety it's not You need to make an appointment as soon as possible to see a doctore or your primary doctor cause that can be something really bad like deadly I hope you feel better and I wish you the best

Silly Billy part 3
I got some liquid I can put down your throat that will clear that up right away

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