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Kristin D
How to get husband to smoke outside?
How can I convince my husband to smoke outside? We have two children, one is 8 weeks old tomorrow, the other turned 17 months yesterday. Our oldest has always had some sort of slight asthmatic thing going on, but it's very-very mild. He only needs his albuterol (which is in liquid form, not an inhaler) once a month or less. Anyway, lately he's been around his dad more, and he's been coughing a lot. My husband doesn't see a problem, he said his parents smoked with him in the room growing up, as did my parents once I was about 6 years old or so. But whenever I was sick, my parents would smoke outside. When I got pregnant, they began smoking outside to help clear the house of cigarette smoke and the like. Their rule is that there is no smoking in the house now that there are little kids around again. How can I convince my husband to not smoke in our home?? Should I have him take the kids to the pediatrician and clue her in on what I want him to do? He is the only smoker in our home.

I love this question its like how to get my puppy to potty outside. lol. umm ask him? If he cares about his children and doesnt want them gettin second hand smoke and being unintelligent when thier older and wanting them to be healthy then he should do it. If not I would SERIOUSLY divorce him u dont want a father for them like that.

I don't know... leave him?? You have to think about the kids first. Asthma is no joke and neither is second-hand smoke.

sorry but he needs to be slapped for endagering your children
google videos on what can happen w/ children w/ second hand smoke and make him watch them
or make him at least smoke in the garage or a certain room only

opt 2 (just kidding) take the kids to visit your family
fill the house w/ propane/gasoline and when he comes to smoke he'll stop

Hide his cigarettes. When he throws a fit, walk him outside and give him one and stand there while he smokes it. A few times doing this and you'll have him trained. Maybe hard on you, but it's for your babies sake.
FYI: I am sure you know this, but even if he smokes outside, he can still give secondhand smoke, for it's on his clothes and hands, and when he holds the babies it can be passed that way.


Well open your mind and think what he values...if reasonings doesn't work....think...? He wants favors at night ..if you know what I mean ....you can come to an agreement...He wants and you want..... Harsh but you must think what in his mind if health is not important to him....Some men don't appreciate being told or nagging so think of another way in which he will go along or make it look like his idea....kinda reverse ...

Do some research on Second Hand Smoke and what it can lead to and make sure he reads it or you talk to him about it, perhaps he then will understand and not be selfish. It is not fair to you and your children....it can give them future health problems. You need to breathe clean air!, especially the kids. If the research doesnt help, then sure have the doctor tell him and explain to him how bad second hand smoke is.

David K
Ask him to go outside and if he refuses then take his cigarettes off him until he does go outside.

Lori K
My husband had no problems with smoking outside for the good of the children. I'm afraid that you can't MAKE him be considerate of the children's health or of your concerns. Some people are just too selfish. I'll wish you all the best, though.

Insist that he does. Destroy his pack of cigarettes every time he does it the home until he learns you mean business. Put a chair and ashtray outside for him so he gets the message. Also, collect two weeks worth of his dirty butts and show him how gross it is. Tell him you and the children's health is first - not the habit. Besides, in marriage, you need to compromise. I think you're being totally fair. You're not asking him to quit all together.

Show him these:




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