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 Extreme sore throat for months.?
I've had an extremely sore throat for the past around 6 months. I've gone to the doctor 4 times, and they always say theres no strep, take some dimeatap and you'll be fine. But I'...

 Should i tell some one to quit smoking or not i do not know?
i do not know because some one in my family smokes and they say they will quit with there boy friend but i do not know tell me ...

 Singulair is a?

 Were you aware that 80% of smokers don't get lung cancer?
turns out I was right. If you have te *cancer* gene, then smoking gives you cancer (The new studies, published in Nature and Nature Genetics, found that smokers who possessed one copy of either ...

 I wish I didn't snore!?
I wish I didn't snore Is there anything I can do to stop it? Most people I know that snore are over weight. I weigh only 135 pounds....

 Exactlley what purpose does a humidifier serve for adults as well as chilren?

 Isn't it about time smoking on the streets was banned! i mean bugga me ye can hardly get into the bar .....
for all the peggers blocking the bloody door. not to mention all that smoke clogging up the ozone.......

 Am I Sick?
I've been dizzy.
and i feel like throwing
up am i sick? If so what
kind of medicen will help?...

 Cigarette smokers...?
What is your personal favorite kind of cigarette?...

 When you cry or are extremely stressed, what causes the feeling that you cannot breathe?
When some people are crying, it feels as if something cuts off their air supply and they cannot breathe - only short breaths really slowly. What causes this? Why does it seem that everyone does not ...

 Calling all Asthmatics! What are allergy medications that work with your asthma?
Ok, I have serious asthma + allergies, and I was wondering if anyone had any new allergy medications that they use (if you have asthma too) that have been effective for you! I have used zyrtec and ...

 What is the best way to get off nasal spray?
I had a very bad case of the flu a few months ago, used Afrin for the congestion, and now whenever I stop using it I get so clogged up. I've tried one nostril at a time but it didn't work. ...

 My husband spits up a lot of nasty phlem.?
His phlem is gray almost black sometimes. I'm really worried about him. He smokes a lot of pot as well since he was 15. He'll be 23 next month. He doesn't smoke cigs though. We are ...

 I have had a tickly cough for a couple of weeks i've tried benylin dry cough bottle and it's not working.
Has anybody any home remedies which might be able to help.....

 HELP! my baby has a cough that wount go away......?
She's been coughing for at least a month now, i've seen 2 doctors and both said nothing serious is the matter. i've given her erythromycin & piriton cough expectorant(on ...

 What causes anxiety attacks?
My son was working today and came home because he couldn't breath. He was here alone and called 911. He went to the emergency room and the doctor said that he had an anxiety attack. When he ...

 My mother has oral thrush?
She has had drops and then lozenges from the doctor, but still has it. I suggested eating yoghurt but that has not helped either. Does anyone know of any old fashioned remedies?...

 Strange ilness help please?
about and hour ago i started finding it harder to breathe and then i started coughing which hurts my back and lungs, and now i'm getting a headache and can't do much more than sit cause i ...

 A question for people whom have Asthma?
To some people this sounds really silly!!!
I have been a asthmatic since a earlie age 32 years now and not even a doctor can answer this question:Why before a asthma attack does my chin and ...

 Pleases advice..I'm having a veri bad cough..wat cough mixture helps?
I'm tried many different types but didnt seem help at all..Dr said viral infection..took tablet for dissolving phlegm..but still coughing veri badly..please helppp......

How old were you when you started smoking?
im 13 and thinking about smoking because ppl say that when their stressed, they smoke and im dealing with a lot of stress right now. i thot it would help but im not sure. pls answer.
Additional Details
lol..i do yoga and everything..itz just that im a strong person with all of the trageties that i had in my life, and im sure that i can quit just like my mom did(cold turkey) but the thing is, am i sure that i will think that in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?

stupid idea

im 17, i started smoking when i was 15 and it was the worst idea of my life. it doesnt help stress at all, over time, it just creates a cough, multiple sicknesses and its just a disgusting habit to have and plus, it makes your skin age faster, your teeth turn yellow and disgusting and increases your risk, especially in women for cancers. my suggestion is, dont smoke at all

it will not help (take it from a smoker) ppl say that it helps when you are stressed because it makes us feel better because we have an excuse. Pls do not start especially not at 13. smoking is not cute. Smoking actually has been proven to INCREASE stress. pls I hope you don't. I'm sorry I ever started because it is harder than hell to quit! I'm totally addicted

I was 12 or so when I first tried it. I loved it right away. Still smoking now at 48.

Are you going to get your mom to help you get started?

Please dont smoke.... It sounds cheesey, because ppl used to tell me that, but I am 28 and have been quitting since I started(12) and trust me it is not fun, it is horrific to say the least!!!!!
Luckily I found Yoga and meditation, which have saved my life in helping me deal with stress caused by family issues, being overwhelmed by life and also self esteem issues. You are a beautiful person and people love you, love yourself and remember there is always someone who cares about you!!!

Stupid idea first of all. I was 14 and quit at 21

Answer Fairy
I was 14. Don't start. I am 27 now and can't stop. I want to, but it's like trying to not eat. Actually, I feel like I would rather smoke than eat. How sad is that?

You want to talk about stress? Try the stress of knowing you need to quit but the FEAR and anxiety of even THINKING about quitting makes you want to run away? I know my health is going down hill. I'm not an idiot. I know it's bad for me. I wish I could quit... but short of going into a coma, I don't think I can.

I want to have kids.... but I want to smoke more. So, I don't think I'm going to have any.

I was 16, and showing no signs of quitting. Stop now before you can't.

I'm sorry you're stressed. When I was your age, I was a big ball of stress also. However, smoking causes cancer. It breaks my heart to see young people smoking who KNOW how dangerous it is! I might feel differently if I didn't see both my parents die of lung cancer (both in their 40s!), and all 4 of my grandparents also die from smoking... yep, true story.

Stress can be relieved by several things. Exercise, diet, and relaxation through yoga or similar. If there is one thing you'll regret most in your life, when looking back, it'll be that you started smoking. Smoking is as addicting as heroin, no joke.

Even when my parents were diagnosed with lung cancer, they still could not quit. So, basically, by the time I was 16, I had NO parents and no grandparents. Yep, I had to live with my 18 year old sister that could barely take care of herself.

Please don't start.

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