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 Why do smokers cough so much?
and is it normal to cough more in the morning? My boyfriend wants to stop, but i just want to know why the coughing, as i heard it continues a bit after stopping. Is that just getting rid of stuff?...

 I have tried to quit smoking several times and no luck...what else can I do? please help?
I have a serious disease that requires to not smoke, of course i still smoke,,, stupid me.... i have tried several times and no luck, i have tried hard candies, cinnamon, I cant afford quit smoking ...

 My partner stops breathing during the night for over a minute sometimes,is this serious?

 So where was all the non smokers then?
been in a pub 2nite it was empty, a load of crap, there was more people sitting outside than what were in there, this law wont last long, its already been abadoned in spain so ive heard. a load of ...

 Public smoking?
Should smokers be outside in the cold esspicially saturday nights when they are sujected to the streets of god knos? ...

 How can i stop coughing? i have no cough medicine as it dosent work. its realy tikly and is driving me mad.?
please help!...

 Why is my child always sick?
Are there any parents out there with children who seem ill all of the time with sinus, bronchitis and ear infections? I am looking for adults too? I would like some people to answer who seem ill a ...

 I just quit smoking, any tips on getting rid of congestion, and the mucus?

 How much damage have I done my lungs?
I'm 23, and have been smoking on and off since I was about 16/17. I'm not a heavy smoker, probably about 5-10 a day.

Have I buggered my lungs yet or if I stop now will I be ok? <...

 How come weed doesnt give lung cancer....?
but cigs do? i dont do either but im jw....

 I can't smell, will this cause any major problems?
I'm only 15 at the moment so am still living at home but when I move into a flat etc. lead my own life, will not being able to smell have implications?...

 My mom thinks i have asthma. Do i?
I have...

-Shortness of breath
-My chest hurts when i breath
-I always have a tickle in my throat
-I have deep, loud cough
-Hard to catch my breath

 I have a persistant cough that produces mucus. How do I get rid of it?

 Is marijuana really very less harmful dan a cigarette or they are equally harmful?
I mean to say there are no reported deaths due to marijuana i think but cigarette smokers do die....

 I am going to start smoking and I am 14 but I have asthma?
I am going to start smoking and I am 14 but I have asthma, Will I die if I start to smoke?...

 Clogged nose in the morning what to do?
I get up every morning because I can't breath for my nose is so stuffed, I can not inhale or exhale and every day I wake up earlier, what can I do to stop my nose from stuffing up? I sometimes ...

 I am suffering from obesity what is the remedy?
I am aged 49 years working in office....

 What do you think about smoking in public areas? Like clubs and restaurants?

 2 yr old has bad cough, he suffers with bronchiolitis often. he has been on antibiotics for almost ten days?
for sinus infection. He takes zyrtec daily and hasn't been diagnosed with anything except allergies. why is he continuously sick with this cough? is there anything i can do to prevent this cough ...

 I've just coughed up about 2 pints of blood?
i think it's coming out my ears but i can't see because it's coming out of my eyes and nose? ...

How many packs of cigarettes does an average smoker smoke in one day?
What do you think needs to be done in order to prevent smoking? How much does an average pack of cigarettes cost? What are some health issues of smoking?

2 to 3 packs a day, tax them more, cost about 3 or 4 dollars, all lung diseases, emphazema.

Anywhere between 4-14 I would say. I smoke myself but no where near that much. Maybe a pack in a month.

General Maximus
God I love how threads like this attract self righteous people.

Making it illegal would help the average pack of cigs. is 3.50 most smokers smoke 1 to 2 packs a day. health risk or anything from smoker cough, emphazema, lung and throat cancer, and death. I am a smoker sad to say! I know all of the health risk but it is not as easy to quit as people think. I've been smoking for over 11 years and I'm only 27 years old most people do start smoking when they are underage and that is the biggest problem, once you really care about the effects you have already done so much damage and it is hard as sh*t to quit. I've never done hard core drugs but I think it would be about the same effect of trying to quit crack or heroin.

They need to ban cigarettes. They are nasty, unhealthy and stink like hell.

I smoke about 10 cigarettes, or less, a day. A pack in NYC is about $7.50. I have recently started rolling my own. Reasons:
1. It's a pain to roll them so I smoke less
2. No nasty chemicals, except for the ones naturally in tabacoo
3. Much, much cheaper. Bugler tabacco $1.75 per package (I get about 35 per package), roll in filters $3.00 for 200.

All of this has and is being done. How many packs of cigarettes a smoker smoke depends on the person. There is no average, unless you go by income level.

The Jett
I think the average smoker goes through about 1 pack a day and if the cost of cigarettes keep rising more people will give it up.

I think ppl smoke around 1 pack a day(but not heavy smokers) they cost around 5 dallors.

bad teeth, bad breath, black lungs, and a lot more

Too many! And along with the smoker, his/her family too... Make it illegal, or talk with your kids... Close to $5.oo a pack. If it were a new thing on the market today, it would surely not pass the FDA tests, (and the FDA can be tricked into passing a lot of unhealthy things.) The manufacture of tobacco now, has gone a long ways from the original tobacco the Indians gave to us. And the natives didn't have addictions to this smoke, like man has today.

It comes with a lifetime of rudeness, and makes you go broke, gives you short breath emphysema, wrinkles, denial, intense anger issues, (try taking a pack away from a smoker, and he may try to kill you.) Stinking breath, hacking cough, heart disease. All the things anyone wouldn't think about before one takes his first breath of smoke and thinks he looks cool. These don't come when you first try them, It comes on you when you least expect it. Tobacco has hundreds of artificial and natural chemicals, any one of them can kill you. Cyonide (a rat poison) is just one, and formaldihyde (embalming fluid used to make sure you stay dead and to make your dead body look as though you were just sleeping for a year;) Tobacco smoke also has parasite eggs flying through the air, their also on the hands and things the smoker touches. A smokers touch or cigarette ashes and dirty butts laying around can cause tomato plants to shrivel and die from disease.

Tobacco is a lie, tricking your brain. It seems like it makes you feel good, but it is the lack of-the in between times, that makes you feel bad, therefore, smoking seems like it is the answer to the bad feeling it gives.

Over a hundred kids die of secondhand smoke a day. How many get sick? Ear infections are common in kids from smoking households. allergies, breathing diseases of all kinds.

pack to a 1/2 pack a day. educate people not to start. about $5.00. emphysema, cancer, bad oxygen flow to rest of body.

1 pack

Tha Fade

I smoked for 13 years....been smoke free for 3 years, now....yeah!!! My average was 1/2 pack to 1 1/2 packs a day depending on what kind of a day I was having. My friends that smoked averaged about 3/4 pack a day.

We need to educate the next generation. Change comes with the future.

Keep making public places non-smoking areas. Before quitting, I couldn't just have a cigarette where ever I wanted to. This made me uncomfortable with my habit.

Keep raising the price.....I found better things to spend my money on.

I have no idea how much a pack costs these days.

There are many health issues related to smoking such as lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease, dental problems, etc....even something as small as facial wrinkles.

Like others have said....If you don't smoke, do not start now.

it depends but most smoke 1 it depends how addictted they r and i heard the cigg co but more Nicotine in them 2 make them more addictive b/c ppl started figuring out ways 2 quit

nothing can be done to prevent smoking.

you can raise the price all you want, they still will pay for them, even steal for them.

you can ban them, but judging from how successful alcohol prohibition went, it probably will become somthing like the current drug trade and criminals will profit from black market smokes.

in NYC, average price for a pack ranges from 650-7.00 a pack..and many smoke two packs a day!!!

Health issues wont matter, people will still smoke.........its a curse upon humanity and until the last tobacco plant is eradicated, it will continue to plague us


I used to smoke a pack a day but I cut down. I would say the average smoker will smoke 1/2 a pack but many people do smoke a whole one.

T. M
too many!

I smoke 20 or so a day... Prevention should start in school.. Kids should have to be 21 to buy smokes. I wish I never started. In PA smokes are over $4 a pack. I get them in DE for $3.00 a pack.. if you dont smoke.. DO NOT START!!!

I SMOKE ABOUT A PACK AND A HALF A DAY (which is about 30 cigarettes a day)

There are all sorts of effects that smoking has on a person.....

increased chance of lung, cervical, and other types of cancer; respiratory diseases such as emphysema, asthma, and chronic bronchitis; and cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, and atherosclerosis (narrowing and hardening of the arteries). The risk of stroke is especially high in women who take birth control pills.
Smoking can damage fertility, making it harder to conceive, and it can interfere with the growth of the fetus during pregnancy. It accounts for an estimated 14% of premature births and 10% of infant deaths. There is some evidence that smoking may cause impotence in some men.

Because smoking affects so many of the body's systems, smokers often have vitamin deficiencies and suffer oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that steal electrons from other molecules, turning the other molecules into free radicals and destabilizing the molecules in the body's cells.

Smoking is recognized as one of several factors that might be related to a higher risk of hip fractures in older adults.

Other symptoms include shortness of breath, wheezing, and frequent occurrences of respiratory illness, such as bronchitis. Smoking also increases fatigue and decreases the smoker's sense of smell and taste. Smokers are more likely to develop poor circulation, with cold hands and feet and premature wrinkles.

It is a very addictive and hard habit to break ....I wish I had never started. I started talking to my kids about how bad smoking is for people when they were about 5 years old...I hope that it will help deter them from smoking...

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