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 First ashma attack scared?
Hi. I had my first ashma attack this morning. it lasted for about two min. It was like air couldn't get in my lungs, I thought it was a fluke so I went on with my day. Then I had another one two ...

 Is everyone getting a nasty cold right now?
I've had this crap since Wednesday, just wondering if there are other sufferers out there too! Runny nose, congestion, dry coughing......

I'm visiting New York right now & I experienced a nose bleed this morning. Its summer.... I've been indoors most of the time, is that normal or is somthing wrong ????...

 Asthma attack, so i'm having problems breathing and don't have access to albuterol or anything else does
anyone now of another way to help get breathing under control and open up my lungs....asap would be great, thanks....

 Getting Asthma?
could anyone tell me how to prevent from getting asthma? And how to cured asthma?.....Please help me before it getting serious?...

I have a flu so my chest is all filed up and its hard to breath please ...

 Sleep apnea?
at what age can you start to develop sleep apnea....

 I've had acute bronchitis for 7 days, is it still in the contagious stage?
I am feeling better, but still recovering. I know It can take 7-14 days to feel better, but not sure when it is not contagious....

 How can i stop my snoring problems?
dou you any remedies or something that would help?...

 I cant breathe?
sometimes when i take a breath in i get a shooting pain by my left lung rib area maybe by my heart. i can only take like 1/4 breaths and i am paralyzed til it goes away. what is this?? it lasts ...

 My lover has TB and he is on the six month medication course, can i kiss him without being infectEed???
My lover has TB and he is on the six month medication course, can i kiss him without being infected???
i have been tested and i was negetive and we have not locked tongues but now i want 2 kiss ...

 Coughing lots?
I'm 4 month pregnant....they finally prescribed me some antibiotics cause I have a sinus infection. Minute I try to get to bed I start coughing horribly...any suggestions would help. I NEED ...

 At which government department would I go to complain about unhealthy and dangerous university accommodation?
The university in question is in London and the accommodation is university owned. It has rotting fixtures, leaking ceiling, mold on the walls which is a definite health hazard as this mold can get ...

 Can you get asbestosis at 34 years of age.?

 White Tongue?
After being sick for about a week, even cleaning my teeth and tongue. It looks like I am starting to develop white tongue... How long till this goes away!?
Additional Details
i have and ...

 How to stop snoring?
How to stop snoring?...

 Bad cold and now coughing up green stuff?
I had a bad cold that I'm still getting over and today I notice that when I cough not only do I cough up green stuff but once I start coughing it takes a while to stop.

I called the ...

 This question is health related asthma- Prefrably for Doctors. practical control of breathing. Is it possible?
I have asthma,am 53 years of age. obese. I have found out that probably what can control asthma is the controlling of the nostrils in take of air and expeling of the air which both happens through ...

 I think I have bronchitis - fever, green mucus, painful chest cough. I have some Tetracycline...?
...that I was prescribed from my dermatologist and it isn't expired. Will Tetracycline work for getting rid of this? I don't have health insurance right now. Thanks.
Additional D...

 My son's asthma?
my 2 year old was diagnosed with asthma in January. At the time he was only on albuteral syrup at the time and now after yesterday he is on flovent hfa inhaler 2 times a day and proventil hfa for ...

How long has someone stopped breathing before they turn blue?


A patient does not have to stop breathing in order to turn blue.
(this is called cyanosis). Sometimes just being short of breath can cause this blue color, like an asthmatic patient or a CHF patient that is in respiratory distress.

i am an expert in this; since I deal with death almost weekly. It realy only takes a few minutes. Skins starts turning blue as late as 30 minutes following death

probably right after there stopped breathing.

Probably around 3 or 4 minutes.

The brain can only last 1 minute without oxygen before brain damage occurs. When the brain starts to shut down, and oxygen no longer reaches the heart, no blood is pumped through the body. The human body will then start to turn blue because no blood is moving through the body.

i pack a 44
i would say 3 minutes

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