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dolly k
How long does it take pneumonia to clear up.?
im on penicillian five days, still coughing up blood in my spit, is it ok to go out for a walk, should i stay indoors, for how long, is there anything else i can take to boost my well being, have given up smoking, feel good about that, but feel im recovering slow, how long before i go back to work,,, sorry i know lots of questions in one but im feeling really down in the dumps at home all day xx

well, it depends on how severe your pneumona is. sometimes it takes a while for the antibiotics to kick in. just make sure you take them all and keep taking them till they are gone. if you feel well enough to go out for a walk, go ahead. but pace yourself. do not overexert yourself.
congrats on giving up smoking. now is the best time to quit, while you are sick.
you shouldn't go back to work until all of your antibiotics are gone. pneumonia is catchy. be sure you are not coughing up any blood or yellow sputum before you go back. take care, and take it easy. watch a good movie, eat some soup and relax.

You must have been diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. Do what your doctor recommends and take plenty of fluids and rest. Congratulations on quitting smoking.

Had a mild occurrence early this year and it took about a month for my general health to return to some normality. I just took it easy till I felt better. I was not coughing up blood.

steven s
depends really on the person and your health status, even when you finish your antibiotics and your infection has cleared you still will be coughing from your smokers cough and can take a few weeks or so to improve
feel free to go out side but no keep warm
boost well being
try multivitamins or Zinc and echinaccia from pharmacy might help
lots of fluids
and go back to work when you feel one hundred percent
if your down in the dumps , go do something you enjoy, call a friend, go out, watch dvd, read a book or magazine, sleep, tv, make a nice meal, ice cream , chocholate etc
hope you get better soon

Lady Garden of Current Events
Awwwwwwwww Dolly! Bless ya. I had it a few years ago and was off work for 3 weeks. I couldnt walk very far for the first couple of weeks, I walked the kids to school and then realised I couldnt breathe enough to get home again!!

Take it easy, drink plenty of fluids (not vodka) and I hope you will be well again soon xxxx

Where's that pesky fraggle?
It depends how badly you had it, someone I worked with has been hospitalised with it twice and it took him months to fully recover.

I would say eat healthily, take a vitamin supplement and if you do want to go out for air, do make sure you are well wrapped up, I am sure this will all help you on your way to recovery.


well done on the giving up smoking by the way!

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