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How long does it take for your lungs to heal after you quit smoking?

Big D
That depends on how long you have been smoking. Most damage to the lungs is permanent. The alveoli in the tissue becomes clogged with tar and can turn into scar tissue over time. The scar tissue is no longer functional in oxygen exchange, so the capacity of the lung is reduced. You can increase you lung capacity a bit by doing cardio and practiced breathing. I think the best thing to open up your lungs and increase your breathing strength is swimming.

It depends on your general health and also on the kind of cigarettes you smoked. American brands of Menthol are the worst. The fibre glass stays in the hairs of your lungs forever.

Damage from smoking is irreversible. If you have severe damage from smoking (emphysema for example), steps can be taken to help manage the disease process, usually a pulmonary rehab center.

Danny boy
menthol doesnt have fiberglass, cloves have fiberglass. and i wouldn't put money down on your lungs healing... but the fact that they are not getting worse is worth quitting.

Chihuahua Lover
Your lungs will not totally heal. The damage is permanent. Quiting will stop anymore damage from happening.

I have copd, I quit almost 2 years ago

I still have to have oxygen

I'm a nurse. I'm so sorry to tell you this but the damage is done and is not reversible. I would however recommending you from now on take good care of yourself. Give yourself a lot of credit for breaking this habit, many people are searching for what you have found, the key to freedom of smoking. My mom is a smoker and she has tried many years to stop. Good luck to you and be very proud of yourself.

they never do heal they damage has beendone and theres nothing u can do although it is very wise to quit smoking b/c ur not really doing any more damage 2 ur lungs

The effects are almost immediate. I smoked for 20 years - not less than a large pack a day. When I finally quit in 1984, in just days, that mild little irritating coughing eased.... Sadly, it did leave me with some emphysema - my own damn fault!

anne w
sorry, i think they are somewhat damaged for life. they will probably get better a little bit after a couple of months or so, but they will never just revert back to the way they were before you made the bad decision to smoke.

Big C
Depends on how long you have been smoking and were you a one pack a day smoker or two pack a day smoke. Too many variable. Like how long will take to take the paint off a house, depends on how many coats of paint it has on it.

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