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 Painful Sore Throat only in the morning.?
I'm a 25 female. I have been waking up every morning with a very sore throat and very swollen lymph nodes in the throat but within an hour of waking up the pain and swelling are both gone. I ...

 I stopped smoking but?
i finaly stoped smoking after 20 years and every one said i would feel much better and i do but i dont understand why i feel so tired all the time and why i dont eat any more than before stoped ...

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 Annoying snoring boyfriend
what can i get or do for him so i can get some much needed sleep?...

 Is it really that difficult to quit smoking?
What is it that makes it difficult exactly? I don't mean to sound stupid or put any smokers off but I really don't know...I've never been addicted to anything....

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Do you want to quit?
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 Strep throat with a severe cough?
I have strep throat, but my main problem is I cannot stop coughing and it hurts really bad. They are dry (I know there is mucus there I just can't cough it up) and the heaves really hurt me from ...

 What are the effects of snorting deoderant or other inhaler type things?
i have to do an essay on drugs for my biology class and there seems to be little information on this, thanks....

 What types of food and drink should you eat/comsume in order to releave sore throat and cough?
I have been taking medicine, but that doesnt really help the pain of my throat at all times, and when i cough it kills, any suggestions? I tried warm tea, which helped alittle. any others?...

 Tonsillitis, question how bad have you had it?
Went to my doctor Tuesday night, unable to swollow solid food,painfull to drink also pains in the back of my neck.

Doctor gave me course antibiotics, for tonsillitis 4 days on (Friday) ...

 How do i stop coughing?
I cant stop coughing its almost like its a dry hurting coughing when it does come i become very hot and it does on and on... i have to go to work tomorrow. is there nething out there that when i ...

 Make a sentence with Emphysema in it...?

 Health Question?
Okay. I work at a conservatory. It's very, very hot in there (around 80-90 with MIND-BLOWING humidity). I live in a very cold area....so I have two questions.

One-Will walking from ...

 What is really effective to use for asthma?
I already use advair and ventolin, it would seem that something stronger is needed. Cleaning products dust and exercise really mess me up. I know that their are better options than what my doctor ...

 What is this?!?
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 Why do some colds have clear mucus and other have yellow mucus?

 What are the dangers of passive smoking?
My friends seem just a little to keen to smoke around me and it's not something I enjoy as a non smoker. I appreciate your help thanks ever so much....

 Is it ok to have a smoke pot like a hour after a run?

 Is it possible to contract hay fever?
I've never had hay fever before in my life (I'm 27) but over the last few weeks I've had a cold which seems to have gone on longer than any other cold I've had (blocked congested ...

 What can i do to get some sleep and stop waking up my family members in the house ,with my coughing ?
i go to bed at night and sleep maybe for a couple of hours before i start in coughing and getting choked ,then i have to get up and stay up for awhile before going back to bed. my throat seems to not ...

How long do most people with C.O.P.D live?

35 years

It depends if they have stop smoking or stopped the exposure to what ever caused it.

It also depends on their age and other life style factors.

I have heard of people living for 25 years with Emphysema and C O P D -but they quit smoking and listened to the doctor.

Well...no one can predict another's lifespan. Fortunately, today we have so many treatments available! My Father has been diagnosed with this condition for years and thanks to GOD and the numerous medicines science has provided him, he functions rather well. If you or a loved one need the best copd specialist in the world, pm me...for my Father has him:) Best of luck!

IYou cannot put a time on someones life that has copd. I have copd and the most important thing is taking care of yourself. Overweight is definitely not good. Exercising and moving as much as you can is great therapy . I Have an inhaler called spirava that seems to be helping me a lot. I also use a steroid inhaler Advair . Good Luck and God Bless.

It depends on how early it is diagnosed and how well you follow Dr. orders. First thing QUIT SMOKING, & STAY AWAY FROM SECOND HAND SMOKE. C.O.P.D. is caused 95% by tobaco smoke. It is treatable but it is a Disease and is not curable.

It depends on if the medicines work on it. Only the Lord knows how long you will live.

Depends If they follow a good med plan, not much less that folks w/o copd

You should try this web site for any information you need

Dr Dave P
If caught early and a person gives up smoking and all tobacco products, the lungs have trendency to purge and cleanse themselves - increasing life expectancy. But this usually isn't the case - is it?

The chronic case has a life expectancy of three to five years - without a lung transplant. With the transplant, well, your guess is as good as mine, I guess it's how old, and how healthy the person is to begin with and how well the tranplant takes - but I'd guess, no less than 3 years and possible up 15 years.

The main point for the chronic patient is total abstinance from tobacco. Failure will cut the live expectancy in 1/2 to 1/3 so if the person continue to some he/she's got about a year left without the transplant.

If they fail to quit - I don''t think they deserve the transplant, but who am I to say, still with transplant and continued smoking, I'd give 'em 4-6 yrs under optimal conditions.

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