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 One of my tonsils is really large. I can feel it touch the back of my throat when i breathe. normal? or no?
Okay, well im 15 and i went to the doctor about a month ago because i had trouble breathing while running. I really thought it was my tonsil because i could feel it touch the back of my throat when i ...

 Smoking weed with asthma?
okay well im 14 i have asthma and ive smoked weed with friend atleast 20 times and honestly only got actually high like 4 times because i hate smoking but i feel left out i havnt had any breathing ...

 Best thing to take for a chesty tickly cough?serious answers please......thanks in advance?

 Why can we have a headache..what's the trigger?

 Is there something going around ?
I have the worst bug ever. I ended up in the ER yesterday and still left with no answers. Is there a new virus going around where it effects your kidneys, lungs and throat? I cough so bad and it ...

 I'm coughing up my insides, and I'm miserable, help me?
What can I do about this? About every few minutes I have these coughing spasms, and I'm coughing up extremely thick, sometimes even slightly hardened foul-tasting green sputum. This is all ...

 I can't speak! No voice coming out! Hepl! In urgent!!?
I have had fever for a week. [very terrible fever]. I have a very horrible cough, then a very bad sore throat.

I have no idea why I cannot talk. No voice coming out...I can't even ...

 Is a steroid necessary for asthma treatment for a toddler?
My twin sons are almost 20 months and this winter got beaten down by a lot of colds. One of the twins had to go to the ER for what turned out to be a very bad case of RSV. He in general wheezes a lot ...

 Can as asthmatic's body react to a pressure change or temperature drop while indoors?
I've noticed I start having trouble breathing as the temperature drops at night, OR if a pressure change is occurring. However, I'm in my house. Is it possible for an asthmatic react to ...

 I quit smoking and am having a really hard time dealing with the irritability. Any good advice?
It seems like i want to turn the people closest to me into punching bags, and then just cry, and no one seems to understand. I just feel like they are all mad at me....

 Does anyone know the meaning of the medical word dyspnea?

 Does Smoking Make me 10% cooler?
I need to know, cause im not cool....

 I'm in a smog-infected city: Is there anyway I can "cleanse" my body of this crap I'm breathing?
I've been here for five days and I'm constantly coughing up phlegm and my mucas is gray from the pollution... Big third-world cities are disgusting....

 Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
i need help i cant vomit...HLP ME...

 Best home medicine for dry cough and body pains?

 What is the best way to give up smoking?
I am 5 years heavily smoker. my willpower is realy strong, but doesn't work with Cigarettes....

 IAM AN ASTHAMA PATIENT CAN U GIVE any guidelines in taking food & other cares?

 Went unconscious for at least 15 mins.?
Hi. I'm 43 and 2 years ago I had 2 surgeries to clip an anerysm in my right frontal brain with no aparent damage. I also have spells of tussive syncopy where I'll cough a bit and pass out ...

 Can you please help me?
I don't know what i have!! I think it is acid refluex but i don't know
1. My chest hurts alot
2. I get this natsy taste in my mouth alot
3.Most of the time i feel like i can&#...

 What is a good remedy to get rid of mucus in your nostril and chest ?

How long can you live without oxygen?
how long can a person their breath before they lose consciousness

6 minutes, after that irreversible brain damage occurs, then you die

it depends on how much oxygen saturation they had in their blood prior to stopping breathng and if they were breathing room air at (@20%oxygen) or pure oxygen. it also depends on their metabolic rate. your brain and heart start to be damaged after 4-6 minutes

In case of athletes it is a maximum of two minutes,less for others.

Depending on their lung capacity, about 2 min.

the answer is 6-10 minutes if u are healthy, the question was how long u can LIVE not stay conscious. therefore the body organs and cells can last from 6-10 minutes.furthermore 4-6 minutes without minutes without breathing the cells begin to deteriorate, then 6-10 minutes without breathing the cells begin to die. u can only be resucitated after 10 minutes ONLY if your core temperature is well below normal hypothermic.

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