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Mike H
How long before you should feel better on ANTIBIOTIC?
If you're sick for 6 days with sinus infection, fever, 101. how long do you need be on anti-biotic before you feel better??
24 hours? 48 hours? 3 days? a week? If you still have the fever while on antibiotic does it mean something more serious?

After about three days, you should start to feel better. If you are feeling worse or don't seem to be improving at all, go back to your doctor. You may need a different antibiotic.

most likely the antibiotic isn't working because you have a viral infection -which can last 3-21 days. continue with the med, treat your symptoms, and get lots of rest. a low grade fever is a good sign that it's viral. watch for a fever that is 102.9 and over.

Depends on if you are on the correct antibiotic.
If you are it should take 24-48 hours to notice improvement.
Sometimes takes longer for fever reduction, as that is your body's defense against the buggies.

you should be able to begin feeling the change after 3 doses, if not wait for couple more doses and consider seeing youir doc

A fever merely means you body is trying to fight off the infection so that is a GOOD thing. Usually with 24-48 hours you start to feel some better.

If the causative factor for the infection is a bacteria then you should feel better within 7-10 days. However, the Mayo clinic protocol for antibiotic for a sinus infection is 21 days. Most bacteria love warm, moist spaces and are mesophilic. This means that they like temperatures of 70-85 degrees the best and your sinuses are absolutely prefect or them to breed in. If you not feeling better and your antibiotics are running low call your MD and let him/her know. Trust me that's what they are there for. You may need to change medications or need to get a continuation of your prescription. Also, Try Ocean's nasal spray. This is a saline spray that acts as a descant to help dry up the nasal passages with out all of the normal side effects of the pseudoepinephrine that you get with most allergy Relief medication. Best of luck

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