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Miley Cyrus
How does the negative TB skin test looks like?
I just took it yesterday and wanna know how the negative test looks like, best answer will be chosen. Thanks for your help.

If neg. Nothing should happen really
If positive it will be red and raised.

it won't show up as anything. that's what i'm guessing since mine's a little red , and i think that means positive.

No raised bump or redness.

If negative, the bump is completely gone.

Jan F
Absolutely nothing, since there will be no reaction if it's negative. However, you have to wait until the 3rd day to see if there will be a reaction.

Irina MD
It will be a red, swollen area around the point where PPD was done. The diameter of this redness should not exceed 20mm. If it is over 20mm then you have a positive PPD test


this is what a positive PPD test looks like, negative should look just like it but be much smaller in diameter

you will have no mark at all. if positive it will be all red.

The mom
The area around the puncture site should look like normal skin, and the bump that was originally there should have disappeared. A positive test is usually a red circular shaped spot at the site of the test. The doctor will measure the reaction to determine if it means a true positive or not- and that measurement varies depending on how old you are and such, so a small circle should not worry you. A clear negative test is sometimes hard to find the site of the test, and you end up looking for the tiny needle poke spot. A positive is pretty obvious as a rule.

Pearl Wagoner
normal skin nothing happens when its NEG

The test is ‚Äúnegative‚ÄĚ if there is no bump (or only a very small bump) at the spot where the fluid was injected. A negative TB skin test usually means that you don‚Äôt have TB.

The test is ‚Äúpositive‚ÄĚ if there is a bump of a certain size where the fluid was injected. This means you probably have TB germs in your body.

Carla b
just barely there if its raised or really red it could be positive

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