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 What SHOULDNT you do if your sick?
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darren b
How does inhaling sand effect your lungs?

absolutely. Any rock dust can damage your lungs. Reference "black lung" disease among coal miners and "asbestoses" among asbestos miners

Quite bad i would of thought.

i have worked in a glass recycling plant for 7 years and there is always glass dust present in the air ( for all intents and purposes glass grains and sand are practically the same thing) we have yearly medicals and my spiromitry (? spelling ?) test has been getting no worse. so i would say 1, dont inhale it. 2, you`ll be alright.

fozzy bear
its bad

Nope, not at all. I routinely stick my head in the dirt and breathe deeply. Of course it does!!! Anything not prescribed by a health care provider that you introduce to your lungs is going to have a detrimental effect on your lung tissue. I would say anything except air, but the air we breathe sometimes has a great deal of particulate matter in it. This can be, but is not limited to, small pieces of sand/dust (ha ha), pollen, pet dander, molds, smoke, manure, etc. The list is forever long, but I think you should understand. All of those things affect your lungs. Hope that answers your question.

DUH! Are you serious!? Sand - Not air!

inhaling any foreign matter will. If you inhale two parts sand to one part of cement and catch a cold it will set. lol

nope n

In 6-8 months you will start coughing up pearls.

♥aSin ♀T.G.I Friday®
This may come as a surprise, but it?s a fact that no one knows the dose of asbestos that causes disease. There is certainly no data to show that low doses of asbestos typical of today?s workplace exposures are harmful. In fact, there?s evidence to the contrary. Still, questions remain. In dealing with the health effects of asbestos, we?re confronted with the deepest mystery of life and science: that we don?t know what we don?t know.
A lot of people are scared to death of asbestos. They?re scared even though there is no instance anywhere where exposures to the low levels of asbestos found in the outdoor air, in asbestos-containing buildings, or in today?s workplaces have been linked to a specific illness. Why are people still afraid? Probably because once the public is aroused to a health hazard, it takes on a life of its own.

What first aroused the public? It all started back in the early ?80s when there was an emotional response to a perceived health threat to children who attended schools that contained asbestos. It?s always an emotional event that brings about change and when you?re talking about a threat to children, it goes straight to the gut. In this case, the change that was brought about was a new epa regulation, the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). As a result asbestos was removed, at a cost in the billions of dollars, from schools nationwide. epa now recommends maintaining asbestos-containing materials in place rather than removing them.

Jeffrey P
Inhaling find sand particles can lead to a lung disease called silicosis. However, if you are talking about wind blowing sand are at the beach, most of those particles are far to big to penetrate your airways. Most people that get these "occupational lung" diseases work around very fine dust without appropriate respiratory protection.

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