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Additional Details
(Details on what to use please)...

How come i cant breathe out of one side of my nose?
This is a weird question but my nose is always like this.

like if im sleeping on my right side i can breathe out of the right side of my nose. and same goes for if i switch to the left

but even if im not sleeping its either one side or the other. i seriously cant remember when i was able to breathe out of my nose..fully lol

Im only 14 so please don't scare me with anything because im deathly afraid of the doctor and definitely surgery
Additional Details
I don't have allergies and it's a 24 hour thing. and there's not like snot...lol gross.... its dryyy like normal...except i can't breathe out of it

Alexa M
if you have alergies that could be the problem. Your nose could be plugged? Try blowing it out really good before you go to bed. :)

Many people notice this at night. When lying in bed since we all have to alternate side to get sleep on and breath comfortably, this is called the"nasal cycle" Which is the normal cycle of congestion(swelling) and digestion (shrinkage) in the nose.
The nasal cycle causes swelling and then shrinkage of the linings of each side of the nose the blood vessels inside of the lining of the nose becomes engorged in a cycle fashion which leads to this swelling and shrinking.
Many conditions lead to abnormal swelling of the linings of the nose.causing the sensation of blockage. This could caused by sinusitis this is stiffness poor air flow from chronic infections cause nasal blockage. Can be intermittent or constant.
Nasal obstruction this could be a blockage when your breathing get worse when you are on 1 side. Or if present for months or years.The 2 major components of the nasal passages are the septum and the turbines abnormalities of these structures will impair breathing.
To find out if you may have a deviated septum your doctor can look at your nose and see if its straight or has a slight twist to it.This could of happened at birth and going on for years. (Note septum is the bone inside nose)

Do you have a deviated septum? if you put a finger in each nostril does the cartilage in the middle curve to one side ( http://www.lifespan.org/adam/graphics/images/en/7166.jpg )? It is quite normal.

*never mind, i just re-read your question and it happens to both sides.

No idea sorry

Kari B
I'm not sure what to tell you if it has been going on that long. You might get your mom to take you to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor). They specialize in the nose and it could be a very simple fix and explaination. Hope you get it figured out.

Father of one G.A.H.
This is a perfect place for you with all these questions!!! lol The body sinus have a natural rotation, you can't alway detect it but many times your passages are blocked and when you have a runny nose or congestion this cycle is ecentuated because your like whats up with my left nostral or right, then they switch. If you have had some history with this problem dispite congestion then you might want to consult with your General Praticinier and have him or her refer you to an ear eye, nose and throat specialist! Best of luck to you in this one,


Thanks for recognizing me for my answers with best answer on the last one I gave you. It was my pleasure!

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