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At a track meet yesterday, my son and I were drinking from the same water bottle. Well, we had 2 bottles that looked identical and they got switched around by accident several times. Right after ...

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Additional Details
constant like pulling pain on my right side and just started today no recent history of and heart ...

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is t b ...

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my seatmate has colds, and i think he spread the 'germs' and now i have colds and my throat hurts, my throat is REALLY dry and everytime i swallow it hurts. when i woke up, my head was ...

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I just recently found out what an iron lung is. To my understanding, this device helps patients breathe who otherwise would be unable to. But where does the waste go??? Can they ever leave the ...

 What could be wrong with me?
I can't breath deeply without needing to cough , I have mucus or something in my chest and cant seem to get it away .. I have tried benelyn and it hasn't been working ..
what could it ...

 Is it true that for every cigarret you smoke you loose 12 hrs of your life?

 Occasional pain in the chest area?
I have been having sudden and sharp pain in my lower left chest area for about a week or so. It isn't constantly hurting. Once or twice a day I feel a sudden stabbing pain with every breath for ...

 I just quite smoking 3 days ago , now i cant sleep ,how long will this last ?
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 How bad, in the long run, do you think two cigs a day would be?
i'm not sure if this question can really be answered, since there are a lot of variables, but i'm looking for an educated guess here.
they're roll-your-own cigarettes, which means ...

How can I stop coughing. Im coughing like crazy.?
I started coughing little this morning and as the day is going on its getting worse. I am at work and snuck on here to ask. The cough drops arent working and I can only drink so much. Please help. Thanks for reading!

gurggle warm salt water--don't swallow it--just spit it out..it usually helps me.

Get some of that cough Syrup Delsyum. That stuff works very well.

You Can drink tea with hunny in it, or you can buy those coughing strips at any local drug store (they work real good for me) and get some pills to take to clear up any incongestion

Take some mucinex.

cough medicine.Even if your not sick.

***clumsy clam***
eat honey with a little squeeze of lemon

Sexy Muskrat<3
There are some cough syrups that do help with coughing. Like Robitussin for cough. It should help soothe your ichty/irritated throat. Some cough drops are stronger than others. If you try the Halls really medicated ones, those can help cool your throat. Some cough drops may not work as well. Also, try some hot tea, it helps soothe your throat and feels really good!

Indira B
If it feels like your coughing is coming from the chest you might want to go to the doctor's office for antibiotics as well as an inhaler if you've had asthma before. If not take it easy and have some tea with a bit of honey in it. Also try to avoid incredibly spicy foods.

Try a spoonful of honey to coat your throat. But, I guess if you are at work you probably don't have any honey sitting around. However, if you are really coughing that much your co-workers would probably not mind if you left for a few minutes and went to find some.

Good luck!

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