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 Help, my lung!?
ok this is the fourth time in 2 yrs that my right lung has suddenly started hurting, to the point that it hurts alot to breathe. any ideas as to why this is happening? it usually lasts about 3 days ...

 What is copd?

i think i just took something like an asthma fit there (i did use 2 have asthma when i was younger but i cant remember what it was like) anyways this is what happened i felt like i had got punched ...

 Got a very deep chesty cough, what can it be????
i have had it for 2 days and i had this hard felling in my chest.

i also had this strange feeling in my throut.

could it be ashame (the thing with the inhaler)???...

 How do i make him stop smoking?
my dad is 43 and he has smoked since 20. i really want him to stop for his health and mine, (i have asthma and am allergic to smoke) how do i get him to stop

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 Any cures for snoring?

 Asthma Help?
i am a 12 year old boy and have had asthma all my life. Lately, (within the past few days) i've had chest tightness. Other people with asthma will know what i mean. I use my inhaler, and for ...

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well im just curious....

 Spontaneous Pneumothorax?
I am a 17 year old very tall skinny male. I had a spontaneous pneumothroax and had it solved with a tube in my chest for 3 days. Well its better and I was released from the hospital but it was the ...

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I have successfully quit smoking for a week now.
It is my 2008 year's resolution too.
However, I am so worried that I will go back to smoking, as many friends at works are smokers.......

 Would you ever put your inhaler in the dishwasher??
i asked a similar question here

My sister has a kidney infection and her temperature is 40.1/104.5 farenheit. She is puking and ovbiously sick. What can happen when such a young child has a kidney infection (My sister is 4 yrs old)...

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I have not had any ear or upper respiratory problems and am in otherwise good health,...

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I feel really strongly about this issue because TB is a really horrible disease that's relatively easy to get - especially when the carriers don't look ill. If I found out I had TB, I'...

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My wife is complaining about my sudden case of the snores and I am looking for, if not a cure, then something that will tone it down a few ...

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 Causes of heavy smoking?
causes of ...

 Why is tobacco, which is deadly, legalized and marijuana, which makes you eat, illegal?
imagine the money the government could make by selling packs of joints. think of the packs pf joints : deaths, and the packs of cigs : deaths ratio.. hmm i think there is a large difference there. ...

Help!! I have a cough and I cough every 2 minutes!! (its the early stages of getting "the cough")?
what should i do?

Mix honey, lime and warm water. Drink this throughout the day!

The Seeker
You can check with your Pharmacist.

The Tridentine Avenger
You don't say whether this is a dry cough, like just a little tickle or something, or whether you're trying to bring up some phlegm.

If it's just a dry cough, go with Robitussin dm (your local drug store should have a cheaper generic, which will work just fine). If you're trying to hack up some phlegm, ask the pharmacist . . . he or she will probably recommend something to help break that up, like mucinex or something.

You probably have some virus. Try mucinex, over the counter med. It will help you stop coughing til the virus is gone.

Find some good home remedies
for cough

I agree, mucinex is awesome! Make sure it's the kind for cough, and not just mucous.
Also, Garlic and Onion (especially RAW Garlic and Onion) are great at killing any virus you have! No one will want to kiss you for a day or two, but if you have a cough, you shouldn't be kissing anyone anyways!!

Cough Drops!
Get a humidifier running in your presence. It could be the early stages of bronchitis.

Unless you have chest congestion, it's probably your sinuses draining down your throat and causing that tickle. Take something to dry up your nasal passages - an antihistamine like Benadryl and see if it helps. Plus drink cool liquids to soothe your already irritated throat.

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