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Marisa H
Have pneumonia, should I go to the hospital?
Hi Everyone,
I went to the doctor this morning and he told me I have pneumonia. He started me on Meds (Azithromycin) for it and said I should get better in 5 days or so.
My question is I just started these pills today and right now Im having extreame chest pains and some difficulty breathing. Should I go to the hospital or just wait for these pills to kick in?
Is there anything they can do anyways?


There are things that can be done at the ER, but aside from the antibiotics (which you're already on) most amount to advanced nursing care which you can probably duplicate at home - especially if you have someone to help. Coupage may help, as can a nebulizer; meds for symptomatic treatment can include Ibuprofen, antihistamines (such as Benadryl), and anything with an 'expectorant' (usually Guaifenesin); but check with a doctor before using anything with a cough Suppressant.

I would hope that if your case were bad enough to require hospital care, your doctor would have told you up front. Use your best judgment; but bear in mind that if you go to the ER you might take up time and resources that sicker people need more, and you could also expose people to a contagious disease.

Call your doctor's office number - often there is an answering service that will direct your call if it's an emergency. You might also want to call the local ER department and ask them if they have any advice. However, if you are truly having difficulty breathing, along with chest pains you should just head up to the ER. Better safe than sorry.

I would say yes...my friend had pneumonia and she waited a while before she went to the hospital and she ended up having ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). This can be fatal...not trying to scare you but it can be serious. Better to be safe than sorry.

If you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest and your having difficulty breathing you should go to ER. They will be able to give you a breathing treatment that will work immediately. Don't wait.

Emily Dew
I had double pneumonia a few years ago and was told to go to the ER when I had difficulty breathing. I must have had a very bad case though because I was on the strongest antibiotics they had for a long, long time. Anyway, one thing they gave me that helped me a lot was an inhaler like asthmatics use. That really helped my breathing and helped me cough up a lot of the gunk in my chest. Like I said though, I had a very bad case so maybe that's why they gave me the inhaler. Still, you could ask, but definitely go to the ER.

Yes you should go to the hospital, it may be nothing, but anytime yuo have chest pains or difficulty breathing you should go. It may just be symptoms of your pneumonia, but better to be safe than sorry, right?

If you are having chest pains and difficulty breathing, you should go to the ER. The antibiotics will take days to work.

It all depends on you isn't it?
If you can bear the pain,you may want to get some sleep and see if the doc's medication works.
It you can't take it,best you go to the hospital,remember to inform them at the hospital that you have already consult a doctor and taken his medication.

All the best!

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