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 Quick question about smoking cigerettes....?
okay, heres the thing, i started smoking lately and its the new camel no9's menthols....well, after i smoke more than one, i get really nauseated until i eat something. What the crap is that ...

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 Why has my asthma suddenly got worse?
I've had asthma since childhood, I'm now 33 and it's started deteriorating. Is this common? I'm otherwise helathy, haven't changed my diet, don't smoke...


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I am 24 ..been smoking since early teenager ..I am a stay at home mom...and like to smoke after i eat and when i am bored and well u know for every reason..i guess specially with coffee...i really ...

 Home Remedies for a Sore Throat????????!!!?
My mom has a very sore throat. The doctor says she has a virus. She has already tried putting lemon/lime in some water so she can swallow it. But she can't she can't eat anything. Somehow ...

 SMOKING and 13?
How do i stop my 13 year old daughter ...

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 Please, tell me how you feel about smoking?
i would feel horrible if i was smoking....

 My 3 year old son has a sore throat but won't take his medicine?
He says it is "yucky" it is tixylix.Does anyone know of a good cough mixture for children that has a reasonably nice taste.I'm worried because he won't take it....

 As a smoker and since I can't stop smoking, what advice do you have for me as regard to my health?What do I do
Actually I don't like it but it has become my habit.I never can not stay without a stick of cigaratte for at least 30munites. It is a problem but Istill think I can stop it if I can be shown the ...

 Solution to bad breath?
i am one who is very,very cautious about my oral health.I brush 2wice,brush my tongue very well do just any thing to make my oral health the best but there is still problem.I have contacted my ENT ...

 Whats the damage by smoking?
been smoking for 16 years, i am 42...

 Can you cough so hard you have back pain and a sore chest?
I have had a cold/bad cough since Tuesday of this week. I have coughed alot and it is not as bad as it was, but I have got a pain in my back and shoulder and when I cough it gets worse sometimes. H...

 Can smoking lower your oxygen?
Can smoking cigarettes lower your blood oxygen or whatever? My mom has been smoking a long time and she went to the doctor and apparently her Oxygen level was 82.

Also, what are good ways ...

 Only for people that smoke?
if i started to smoke how many cigarettes should i start ...

 Do you smoke?

Have my cigarettes expired?
I bought a pack of cigs about a month ago and they have always been closed and wrapped tightly but are they still fresh? They are Marlboro Menthols btw... How long can cigarettes like in a box sit around before they expire?

How would you know if cigarettes were expired? What, would they suddenly become unhealthy or something? The best tactic is not to smoke them BEFORE or AFTER the expiration date!

na dude, cigs stay good for a life time. in fact the older they are, the better they are for you and the better they taste. seriously!

Set for life
Chemicals never go off. They are fine. GIve up though.

Absolutely not! Do not smoke them …. They’ll kill you.

Oh sorry, I was just told they’ll kill you anyway, so go ahead.

Anyone can die in a car accident, but it takes a real man to die of lung cancer, you show um!

its not that they expire...they get stronger and do not taste as good..If you keep them in the refrigerator they do stay fresher longer however...I would just cut my losses and either quit or buy a fresh pack...

♪ iambettyboop ♪
Yes they can get stale and have an off taste
even though they are sealed. I have had to
return a carton or two.
Not sure what the shelf life is.

lot more then a month yes there fine,I had a packet in my coat pocket for a year and they were find,I'd lost them,

They should be fine. I used to smoke about a pack a month, and it would be open and unsealed from day one.

no, after a couple of years on the shelf they might taste like paper, but not a month in cellophane

as a regular smoker, you can taste the staleness of the cigarettes...i lost a pack, found em, and had like 3 or 4 in there, was about 2 weeks, and they tasted stale, but for a occasional smoker, probably not that much difference

this is a good question

im not a smoker, but im friends with a few

i heard they get stale, but if theyre sealed, i have no idea

they're only a month old, so smoke one and if it tastes funny, throw the box away

I am not sure how long they can sit around before they expire. If they have an expiration date, you should be able to find it on the box. If they have not been exposed to the air, they will be fine. If you smoke frequently, you may notice a stale taste if any air got to them inside the package.

Frequent smokers claim cigarettes get stale. I've never noticed it myself.

i bought a packet of ciggies that were a year past used by date, thet were fine if not opened

dont tell the kid to stop smoking. for the cigs, just go for it, who cares if their "stale"

Oh I am sure they are fine as long as they have been sealed up they are fine.

You're asking THIS in the respiratory disease category? You're just LIKE being abused, don't you?

dont tell the man to quit smoking, if he wanted a lecture, he would've asked for one. they're fine if they were sealed up tightly. but please stop smoking, its so bad for you and they could kill you instantly. do you know how many americans die from smoking? about 90% everyday, the smoke fills up your lungs and your heart gets weaker each time you smoke a cigar, please dont be like one of those people!

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