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 What is the difference between oxygen and air?
how do they relate to a COPD person ? why must a copd patient only have air and less oxygen?

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 I had an hiccup while i was coughing and i NEARLY DIIED!!!?

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 My 6 yr old coughs at night from october til summer. Not asthma...?
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 I have asthma, but no insurance or doctr have to go to er when out of meds can someone help me what do i do?
i have to go see an er docter and get a $600 bill every month and i cannot afford it he only perscribes me one inhaler at a time no rfills so whn i run out i have no option but to go to th r and get ...

 Why do i keep coughing so much?
i was sick last week ( the flu you know, sneezing, coughin, runny nose ) well now i feel better, energy wise, but why do i keep constant coughing. I mean my friends dont want to be around me cuz it ...

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 I'm 14 and started smoking a year ago.When did you start smoking?How can you hide it?when did you get caught?
Don't answer never smoked or any other stuff like this. Also what's your favorite make of cigarettes? How long have you been smoking?
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Don't answer never ...

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 I gave up smoking 2 weeks ago, i am 52 and have smoked for 30 yrs is it possible to undo all damage done?
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Child of 6 having lots of attacks, taking inhaled steroids & ...

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You ...

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 Can someone, from experience, tell me the best places to live in with breathing problems?
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Does smoking marijuana affect your lungs??
if you been smoking for like half a year
Additional Details
im addicted to weed i know its bad for me but it just feels too good and i dont plan on quiting for now

It is bad for your lungs. But good for the soul.

woody woood
hmmmmm!! let me think


BooYa Boo
in fact, it's gonna make u more intelligent. also, give crack a try!

john need account
Its worse that smoking !

Lady Ulrich von Lichtenstein
Yes. its just as harmful as smoking even if kids think it doesnt.

uhh DUH!!!!!!

while yes it does, and it does cause lung cancer, but smoking pot is better than smoking cigerets.....

Yes....although MJ doesn't contain Nicotine, it contains tar like anything you smoke.

It doe affect your lings and has many other bad side effects. STOP now.

What do you think?

wayne l
not only will it effect lungs it also raises your blood pressure

Ricardo g
ofcourse, it might not seem to affect you now but in the long run it can be devasting!

One roll of this S+++ is the same as having five ordinary
cigarettes plus it can cause schizophrenia and depression.
This is well documented as doing damage to the brain
so keep well away from this drug.

smoking ANYTHING affects your lungs.
and kills brain cells.

They say that one j***t equals 6 cigarettes. It is the smoke that stays in your lungs that can harm the lungs. So, yes, smoking "M" does affect the lungs.

ITS WAY BETTER FOR YOU THAN CIGS. but its still not good, it can actually clean you lungs if you dont do it alot, but it expands your lungs and can cause a bleb to burst, causing a pneumothorax. And it doesn't kill brain cells, dont believe that crap, it puts them to sleep!

Yes. That is why the preferred method is ingestion. However, that is cost prohibitive for most people. Brownies, mmmmm!
Check out vaporizers.

Smoking ANYTHING will harm your lungs!!

Jacob B
Anything you smoke is going to afffect your lungs. Luckily, the lungs have a great capacity to regenerate, so quit while your ahead. Pot is much harder on your lungs than cigarettes by the way.

All smoke is bad for your lungs. Cigarette smoke, marijuana, heck, even smoke from house fires!

Yes, just like cigs they clog up your lungs with smoke causing at one point or another lung cancer and/or other lung problems.

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