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Does putting vicks vaporub on kids feet work to clear up congestion?

Nurse Susan
Only if feet are congested.
It does work pretty well as a foot or joint rub though - because the Eucalyptus and Menthol warm the area.
Sounded nuts to me, but it helped my joints!

robertFirst Name H
on chest it does. never heard about feet

I have never heard of that???? Depends on the age of your child I would not recommend it sspecially if they are young enough to put there feet in there mouth.

Stick to the back and chest where the lungs are.

i dont know about feet, but applying it to the chest helps.

Gail S
I have never heard of it until now but, given the idea of reflexology, it could make a difference. In reflexology, it is believed that there are areas on the bottoms of your feet that correspond with other areas of your body. Pressure or massage in those areas of the feet can soothe problems on the corresponding areas of the body. So, theoretically, something like Vicks could make a difference. I, personally, would also put it on their chests and under their nose though!

I have heard this many times, for coughing, however, Vicks in a vaporizer works well, for sure. Not a humidifier, that's cold mist. A vaporizer is steam.

My three children made it through childhood illnesses, on Vicks. I always spread it on a cloth, and held it over a low heat burner on the stove, just close enough to barely heat it, of course, then gently wrapped it around the neck and pinned it.

In the morning all the congestion was loosened up, and they smelled the aroma of the Vicks all night, and did not cough!

Now, they use it for their children, too. = )

YES it does i never heard of it before till like a month ago my 5 year old was sick and someone told me to do it and by the next morning he was all cleared up. make sure you put socks on your child after youu put it on his feet though!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK IT WORKED FOR MINE HOOOPEFULLY IT WORKS FOR YOURS

Yes, it really does. Put it on their feet with socks before bedtime, and put a little on the chest, too. It also works for adults.

Linda M
yes and socks too then bath them in the morning before you take them any where cause the Vick's makes their shoes stinky.

I'd never heard of this until last year, a lecturer at uni told us her mother swore by it, and so she was a firm believer in it too! Next time my son had a cold, I tried it and found it to be effective!! Its not going to hurt them to give it a go, so whats the harm in trying!

i believe it does. we used it for our kids when they were little, we also placed it on their chest, back and throat/neck and their feet(socks on after) and by the next morning they seemed alot better. :)

It's the vapors that count,i would put the vicks on the cheast and throat area.

No, rub it on the throat, that might soothe it. To clear it up i suggest you stop eating sugary foods and drink some hot lemonade. I don't know, works for me.

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