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Does lungs regenerate after a person quits smoking?
if not- whats the best reason to stop?

St♥rmy Skye
No. It is said if one stops, in 10 years your chance of getting lung cancer decreases to what a non smoker would be. Lungs do not regenerate.

I think they clean theirselfs up. Plus your not killing what good lungs are left. Besides no-one likes people that smoke around them. Except misery, and misery loves company.

Laughing Man Copycat
The body in normal conditions can heal itself from various forms of damage.

no, best reason is so they don't get worse. I'm a smoker by the way.

our lungs are the only organs that can heal. so yes and even if not the earlier you stop the better the chances are that you will stay healthy

Well this may not be the best medical reason but....Vanity...
worked for me, I started to get veins on my nose and wrinkled dry Skin. Which ALL went away after 6 months of quitting.
If you care about your looks....STOP SMOKING! It WILL catch up with you in later years, I promise! And besides... it gives you bad breath! Good luck!

Ms. Smarty
Some lung tissue will be developed after quitting. However, this doesn't eliminate all of the damage caused to the alveoli sacs in which active gas exchange occurs..and some of the tobacco content remains in the lungs and can not be removed.

Yes that is correct. In your lungs there are lash/sleek-like structures (very small) that clean your lungs and rid the bacteria etc. Well when you smoke, these are killed and expose your lungs to bacteria and horrible diseases. (lung cancer) But when you quit smoking, about a month later these lashes grow back and protect your lungs.

have a great day

I certainly hope so.I quit about 2 years ago.I feel soooo much better and I breathe better too.


Shelly t
i have to say yes. I have been smoke free for like 10 years. ANd I don't get up hawking up lungers in the morning now.

Smoking can cause cancer and kill you... it creates higher risks for all sorts of bad conditions, not just your lungs getting a little clogged up.

yes, but it takes awhile. of course, you could've damage your lungs to the point of no return. but you lungs will slowly try to clean themselves up.

o yeah your lungs clear out and you can actually breathe!! I smoked for 11 years the best thing I ever did was quit smoking the only bad mistake I made was replace it with lots and lots of diet soda cause I was worried about gaining weight, so I swapped smoking for diet soda but hey we're still gonna still gonna die

Mary O
I doubt it according to my lung DR my left lung had collasped 2 times in 2005 and there is a high chance my right lung could have the same fate and it was caused from smoking and i quit smoking nov 05 i have quit since i was in the hospital the second time it collasped and i had to have surgery on it because my lung fell off my chest cavity.

They will improve as time goes by. You will never have them at 100%, but they can get much stronger than they were when you smoked.

Your lungs can get better, but they will not regenerate or re-grow themselves. The main reason to quit is to avoid getting cancer.

AvonleaMarie & ThomasCraig
yes im in the process of doin that right now

Yes they do get better, but they will never fully recover. They say if you smoke for 10 years it takes nearly 20 years for your lungs to return to normal...not sure if that's totally true.

The best reason to stop? Cancer....they are terribly expensive (i know...I'm a smoker)

no not at all...and i won't ever smoke

The effects of smoking start to disappear as soon as you stop and your lungs start to clear themselves. So you will get a cough. Within 3 months or so your risk of lung and throat cancers and heart disease is about that of a non smoker.

For those that say lungs improve in the first 90 days or so

Here is some data:

I had a PFT (Pulmanory Function Test) done about 30 days after I quit. My FEV1 was 35%. One year later w/o smoking my FEV1 is still only 35% or 0% improvement

I have a friend that quit 20 years ago, now has lung cancer

I quit a 5 pack a day habit, after smoking 55 + years; 23 months ago


well they won't be whut they were b4 the person started smoking. they will clear up. but it won't ever be the same again.

Steve E
Yes, your lungs will get better as soon as you quit. IIIIIIIII feel 100% better. Good Luck . You can do it.

hope so
now it is 76 Th day
almost 1900 hrs
after a life of smoking
i know i eat now more
but i m not that worried of eating
as much as i was worried of excessive smoking

Yes, they do....All the reasons to stop are good reasons, Lungs, Heart, Emphysema, Cancer,
Do I really need to say more ?
Nicotine Free for 2 weeks now and my smokers cough is so so much better already. 20 year smoker so do it If I can , you can, its hard , but its worth it.

lisa s
"you dont always die from tobacco"

that man singing in the middle of the street with that voice thingy placed near the hole on his neck should be a good reason to quit.
I do think that your lungs regenerate.
I saw a display where a lung was cut out of a cadaver that was BLACK and another good one that was pinkish.

Lungs absolutely do regenerate after a person stops smoking. So does your cardiovascular system.

My dad got lung cancer at age 82 after quitting at age 40. He survived it and is healthy and very active again - after surgery and chemo. Survival is extremely rare - most people find out they have it too late and die within a year or so. My dad is convinced that quitting saved his life. If he hadn't quit, the cancer would have gotten him sooner in life and he would have died from it. Also, his brothers that did not quit smoking died from heart disease. He and the one other brother that quit and his two sisters that never started are alive and have healthy hearts.

Well, the lungs are perminantly damaged by smoking, but that doesn't mean that things like smokers cough won't get better with time.

YES. Lungs do have the ability to "heal" after a person quits smoking. A handout that I received in school states the following: 2 weeks to 3 months later lung function can improve by 30%, 1 to 9 months after quitting the cilia(small hairs that help flitration) regrow in the lungs. 1 year after quitting the excess risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker. 5 years after quitting lung cancer death rate of former smokers decreases by half, stroke risk is reduced to that of a non smoker 5 to 15 years after quitting. 10 years after quitting lung cancer death rate is that of a non smoker. 15 years after quitting the risk of coronary heart disease is that of a non smoker. So there is hope for those of you that currently smoke. However, you need to quit now. You want to start that count to 15 years where your risks of lung cancer, stroke and coronary heart disease is that of a non smoker.

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