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Does Vicks Vapor rub help with cracking of the feet ?

try using cement wall filler, it will fill in the cracks with a
perfect finish.

garry c
why do you wan to crack your feet

yeah, right...with a couple drops of real lemon juice

Jim B

Rene B
Moisturizing lotion or vaseline will probably be better.

no ur better off using vasalene on ur feet just before you go to bed and put a thick load on and wear socks

Vicks Vapor rub works 100% on toenail fungus (dark, funky sometimes thick toenails that have soft pieces of fungi/rotted nails that can make anyone proud of the amount you have dug out in such a short time) GROSS!!! You may have seen the commercial with the little fungus bugs digging and excavating a place for them to live. Anyway Lamisil (very expensive) is what is perscribed to fix the problem. Due to the cost most people can't get it. My wonderful physician mentioned that 'Vicks Vapor rub' works. My husband tried it and has not gotten it back after 8 months. INSTRUCTIONS: On cleaned dry feet apply Vicks on top of toe nails & heavily underneath each toe nail (important). Putting socks on is best but some can't stand wearing socks to bed, that's O.K As long as you don't mess up your pretty sheets. This needs to be done for 3 months. It will be worth this low cost method.

It can and it's great for chapped lips, too.

No - but if you have severly cracked feet there is a product available at the drugstore, usually in the diabetic section, called Crack Cream - it works wonders

kelly e
No and do not use vaseline either this is petroleum
and if you google petroleum you will find it's a cheap product that you do not want on your skin being absorbed in to your body. This would also be Mineral Oil (Distilled petroleum)
baby oils and creams - keep your vicks handy for that really bad cold and you can not breathe. Period. If it was a foot cream it would be sold as such (just like toothpaste for zits)

Use a sea salt scrub and a pure natural product for cracked feet. Make your own scrub with olive oil kosher salt and a touch of brown sugar. Soak feet in epsom salt
then add the scrub and rinse repeat and dry off feet.
Add the foot cream (arbonne makes a great one or find one at a drug store for feet).. and apply cream.
At night add cream and sleep with socks on.
Buy a pumice for the shower and every so often do the scrub in the shower use the remainder for your elbows/knees.

I have used Vicks Vapor Rub for Chest Colds, rubbing into the Chest, Cracked Chapped Lips, and yes Cracked Heels and toes on my Feet. To maintain your feet and rest of your body from drying out and cracking, use a good Moisturizer daily. I use Skin So Soft from Avon, all over my body.

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