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 What causes nose bleeds?
I know too much sniffing does and having a dry nose but does extremely dry hot weather cause them too?
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I have had three nose bleeds today!...

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I meant ...

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My son has just been diagnosed with asthma, He is 3 and a half. What can I do to help ease his symptoms?

Also - I smoke, never in the house or anywhere near him but obviously the smoke is ...

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For the past nine months I have had a migraine type headache every single morning when I wake up. I have had blood work done. I have had two CT scans done, with & w/o contrast.
I do have COP...

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 Leslie Ash?
anyone agree with me that this mediocre acress should not have been given 5M for getting Mssa or whatever it was. Thousands of HNS patients get Mrsa et al every year and dont have the opportunity nor ...

 Could this be asthma?
This sound disgusting but here I go. For years now I have been coughing up green/brown thick phlegm every day, noon and evening. At times I even find it hard to speak as I feel so 'clogged up...

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My whole nose is black from smelling them all day......

 Quit smoking?

 SMOKERS/EXSMOKERS have you ever tried to quit?
What did you try? did it work? Why or why not? if not why did you keep smoking....

 Im 23 yr old and have been smoking for 12years,currently on 40 a day have tried quitting but cant.i need help?

 What's the cure for asthma?

Do your lungs heal if you quit smoking?
Well, Ive been smoking for over a 2 years now now, and i quit yesterday, i heard ur lungs dont heal they remain the same, is this true or what? Thanks (BTW im 16)

they do heal up but it takes a little while...just don't hang around people who smoke

El Luchador Mongolaise
Holy smokes you started at 14!!!! All the body organs can slowly regenerate, but you have to stay away from cigarettes and smokers and work out. If you commit to quitting, your lungs won't have a difference from someone who never smoked, 10 years from now.

Æ Girl
I'm pretty sure your lungs will heal. Just don't start smoking again. And you are not suppose to smoke at 16 its illegal and very unhealthy. BTW good luck on quiting.

yeah, they heal, but they'll never be as healthy as they were before you smoked.

yes, they heal. it takes a long time though. two years will not do TOO much damage. my boyfriend had been smoking for 3 years before he quit. he has been smoke-free for 2 years and has had no problems. :) i'm glad you quit! stay strong! chew Nicorette or something! good luck

The old Bailey.
They heal. After a person stops smoking it takes about 12-15 years for the organs and tissue that have been affected by the effects of Nicotine to get back to pretty much the condition they were before a person started smoking.

Yes - I quit for 8 months after having smoked a pack or more per day for 6 years, and by the end of the 8 months my lung function seemed perfectly normal and I was no longer getting winded etc. I noticed major lung improvement, probably 3 or 4 months into my quitting (unfortunately I started up again...don't make the mistake of "I can have just one for good times sake.) GOOD LUCK!

Yes, they heal.

In fact, here in Australia they've flipped the advertising from fear-based ("every cigarette is doing you damage") to the more positive "every day without cigarettes is doing you good". Your risk factors eventually fall to basically the same levels as everyone else.

My understanding is that you'll feel worse for a while before you feel better, but you WILL feel better.

As soon as you put down that last ciggie you body begins to heal itself. You are still very young, your body is very resilient and will heal completely over time.

It is very important that you quit right now. The longer you leave it the harder it will be to quit. Also the older you are and the longer you smoke the less chance your body will have of healing itself.

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Good Luck and Good Quitting

i'm sure if you complete quit forever, you will be fine

Go talk to your GP about it.

Congratulations on quitting!

Creative Thinker
i smoked for 33 years and its been 6 years since i stopped and its gotten better but still not like it was when i was say 17.

Matt E
The permanent damage is done, but your cardiovascular health should improve. By smoking two years at your age the permanent damage should not be that horrible.

im pretty sure they remain the same, but if you continue to smoke they will only get worse

no they heal... the cillia "hair like structures in your lungs' begin to sweep out all the toxins in your lungs, thats why you cough.

But for long time smokers it can be too late. Damage could be done. And it depends how much you smoked.

Super Bruin
well its more like you cant really "reverse" any damage you caused. but 2 years is not that long unlike people who smoke for 20+ so as long as you quit now, i really wouldnt worry about having any illnesses from it

If you keep smoking, they'll get worse and worse. The damage will never get completely healed, but it won't be noticable. In about a year you won't feel anything, but they might be internally damaged slightly. They will improve though. And major props for quitting.

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