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 Anyonw know a decent natural remedy for a persistent cough?
My friend has had two lots of anti-biotics, to no avail....

 I just got a TB test. How would it look if it's positive?
Also, wouldn't someone with TB have some sort of symptoms anyway?
Additional Details
I just got the test today, about 3 hours ago. It's red at the site. A very small red ...

 I accidentally ate candle (mixed in cake) so i am really worried will it effect anything on my heart ,lungs
Let me know what action i should take cuz i am already suffering from breathing problem since 4 ...

 Urgent - Throat Muscles Closing - Need some advice?
My husbands throat muscles keep closing up whenever he's almost asleep. He has copd and sleep apneia and we need some advice on how to keep them from closing....

 HELP!! My sister has trouble breathing, what can I do?
Remember the large fire rampage in California?
On one of those days, my sister went out on a jog.
She only made it one mile out and is suffering from the exposure for at least a week now... ...

 What can help shortness of breath?
im only 13.
and i dont have asthma.
what could help?...

 Do You Smoke ?
(I mean tobacco cigarettes).

Why or why not ?...

 I have a "hellish" cough.......?
Can't go to the docs as the doc will just give me a row for smoking. Any advice please (apart from the obvious). Only people with a sense of humour need answer please. Ta. x

Ps - I&...

 I have been hurting in my chest and back cough a little bit low temp. started sunday what can it be?
I had felt a little under the weather a few days before and I started hurting in my chest and back . I have Acid Reflux but have not hurt like this before , the pain easys off a little bit when I ...

 Marijuana ?
okay well, when i was young, i got VERY bad coughs every winter. so my mom took me to the doctor and they found out that i had something like asthma, but it's not asthma. so yeaah ..and i was ...

 PLEASE HELP ME STOP COUGHING!!!! please answer this question!?
I have this cough with al ittle bit of phlem and about an hour ago I asked how to stop coughing but I "cough cough" only got three answers."cough cough" This cough is so annoying ...

 Ways to help my sore throat feel better?
I have a sore throat from a sinus infection went to the doctor today, any ideas to help me?...

 Is it possible change my nasal voice into a normal one?

 I have trouble falling/staying asleep. Dr said it's sleep apnea. Is this a pat diagnosis drs give everyone?

 HOW DO YOU PREVENT SNORING WHILE SLEEPING ? I hope I spelled snoring right?

 Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cant breathe properly?
help me i cant breathe properly and i dont know what it is!!!!!!!!!
please help me what is it??????????????
please answer urgently
if u need more info please state so i can add more<...

 Shortness of breath ? Please Anwser !!!!!!!?
well i'm 13 and been feeling kind of bad lately i can breathe but sometimes i have to do a deep breathe to catch my breath this has been going on for the last two days i do sleep with my fan ...

 This morning my husband is phegming up blood?? burst vessle or worse?

 HELP for 4 year old boy?
I have a four 1/2 year old who has asthma and he has a nasty chest cold that seems to be broncitius. Any ideas on what I can do for him to help his deep, barky cough??He already has an ...

 Help with coughs?
I find that when i get a really bad cough, medicine like benalin cavornia well all of them dont seem to work. It was only when my mates mom gave me some of her inhaler that it really seemed to work i ...

Do you have to have a prescription and or license to purchase oxygen?
Just wondering because a friend of mine told me that you can not just purchase with out prescription?

Caro M
it depends on what state you are in

bill l
well any one that welds with gas has oxygen . so there goes your friends idea. now the filtering of the oxygen is not as good but that is what it is . anyone can have this in there home many do .
i think your friend might think OK its a drug well it can be. you certainly could kill yourself with it too . but you can get it if you like.

Rich Z
People who weld with acetylene torches purchase it all the time to do oxy-acetylene welding and cutting. Of course they never have a prescription.

Barry M
Misred2000 is absolutely correct. There is a huge difference between the oxygen used for welding and medical grade oxygen. You must have a doctor's prescription to get medical grade oxygen. I know, because I am on it all of the time and I have both portable liquid and a concentrator like misred2000. If you need information on the different types of portable oxygen, this is a terrific site with a lot of great information. Good luck.


anyone can buy it, but you need to "qualify" for it in order for insurance to cover it. That usually means a doctor signs a note that your spO2 drops to 87% or lower.

(in PA)

stephen g
You need a Doctors permission to obtain oxygen, you also have to go through a small of amount training, it is a pressurized container after all

Your friend is right. It is considered a medication, and to get it, you have to have a prescription from a dr.

At least in IL, you have to have a dr's order to obtain oxygen.

Medical grade oxygen requires a prescription. This is because it is regulated by, in addition to other organizations, the FDA. It is considered a drug. This classification allows rigorous standards to be applied to Medical Oxygen preparation and delivery - standards regarding purity, concentration, and storage.

Buying oxygen from a welding store and breathing it is dangerous. Don't do it.

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