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Additional Details
It only happens at night when the person is in bed....

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 Ok, i recently started smoking!!! ?
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Future Sailor
Do i Stop breathing during sleep!?
Occasonally, whilst dreaming especially dreaming of water, either washing my face or swimming, i wake up gasping for breath and it takes along time for me to get my breath back.
Do i have a sleep problem.
I am not overweight and i dont have chest problems.

Dry Dreamer
Everybody stops breathing at some point when they are asleep, it is not a problem

Storm Chaser UK
Go and see your gp, you can request a sleep study to be done. This involves wearing a machine around your waist for one night and it can tell the doctor if you do stop breathing while you sleep and lots of other things as well. The doctor will show you fully how to use the machine and give you it for one night.

You should ask someone who sleeps near you if you snore. There is a condition called obstructive sleep apnoea in which one stops breathing during sleep. Usually associated with snoring.

For more information on snoring check out http://www.stop-snoring-online.com

It is a possibility, other signs of sleep apnoea include waking up suddenly with a dry mouth and headaches. If you're suspecting this condition then it is strongly recommended to have this condition diagnosed by a medical practitioner.

KEN W1953
IT could be sleep apnoea, See your gp........KEN

This is a really interesting question. Everyone has something called a divers reflex. This is a reflex which stops you breathing if you jump into cold water or splash it on your face. This is an involuntary reflex but it maybe that you can some how activate it in your sleep.

I wouldn't worry about it, it will do you no harm. As mentioned before there is a disease called sleep apnoea. However this is associated with being overweight, or having a greater than size 18 collar or snoring. What you describe doesn't sound like this.

Its possible you have sleep apnoea, see your doctor as a first step and ask for a referral to a sleep clinic.

some people do. its called sleep apnoea. you should go see your doctor incase there is a problem

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