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 Contstant coughing due to itchy/dry throat. What can i do about it?
Im tired of coughing but my coughing still wont quit. Ive tried carbocestein and guaifenesin cough medicines but nothing has worked. My throat gets so itchy or dry at times to the point that it ...

how do i unclog my ears...they are reeeeeally clogged
Additional Details
if i hold my nose and my my breath and blow to unclog my ears, it pops, but it hurts, so how do i do without it ...

 Should I worry about tuberculosis?
Recently a student at my college was diagnosed with TB. The student health center contacted over 200 students that had classes with this person, lived near them or were friends with the person. So ...

 I have a cough that won't go away. anyone have a clue?
i've had a cough for over a month. some phelm. but the throat isn't sore, no cold, etc. can someone help me?...

 Help! Anyone with athsma... Ever coughed up something scarey???
I do about once/twice a month. I start coughing a whole lot, the top of my lungs will itch and tickle like crazy till I'm finally wheezing, then I'll cough up a coccoon looking thing!!!! <...

 What do you think of my article on Sleep Apnea?
Go here: http://noteworthynewscasts.blogspot.com/2006/07/what-is-sleep-apnea.html and read my article. Tell me what you think!

What is sleep apnea? It is a disease that ...

 My apartment was flooded?
a water pipe broke and flooded my apartment. I cleaned and replaced everything I could. How do I check for black mold? I have haveing extreme breathing problems. Cronic allergies....

 Smoking question about cigarettes?
why are there different types, to me they all smell bad so i would think they taste bad as well, dont they all taste the same,...

 Breathing problem?
this afternoon i recently played basketball then,when i would breathe,it would hurt to inhale.this had been happening for over 3-4 hours.can anyone tell me what is wrong?(i am not lightheaded or ...

 Coughing Up Yellow Phlegm?
I've been coughing up a thick yellow phlegm for a while very frequently. I haven't been sick at all or anything. What is the cause of it?...

 My husband has been hurting on his right side of his chest , Does anyone have an idea of what it could be??
"My husband has been hurting very bad on his right side of his chest. It has now moved to the back as well. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? He also smokes about 3 packs of cigs a day ...

 Should i use an inhaler even tho i dont have asthma?
Like when I train I get really out of breathe sometimes and i was thinking of getting on of those inhaler things to help me ...

 My mom was cleaning and she mixed detergents. Now she is coughing blood , what to do?

 Food for sore dry throat?
I have a really sore throat and I've been coughing for aaages, and I was wondering what the best food to eat is so I won't irratate it anymore.

 Why is smoking so popular now?
very popular with the teens

does it taste and feel good?...

 Why do I cough for so long?
I got a cold a couple weeks ago, I'm fine now, except I'm still coughing. Same thing happened the last 2 times I got a cough. Both times, I was coughing for at least 6 weeks, long after the ...

 Has anyone had any luck with Zyban?
So I'm trying to quit smoking and I recently just started taking Zyban. I've heard good things about it, but am wondering if it really helps you quit? Any suggestions from you would help. ...

 Wow my nose is very stuffed right now cuz i have a cold any way to unstuff it with out vicks or stuff like tha

 To those who are asthmatic answer this pls...?
How long do you have your asthma?

When did you first notice that you have the problem?

What drugs/medications you use to control it and how often you take them?

What ...

 What is an anesthesiologist?

Do all cigarettes have fiberglass in them? If not which kind don't?
I smoke Newports, I've herd that menthol's do have fiberglass in them...I'm considering swiching to non-menthol are there any decent tasting non-menthols that don't have fiber glass in them???

Cigarettes: BAD.

Stopping: GOOD.

(save the fiber glass for boats and home insulation)

This is an old urban legend and it isn't true. All cigarettes are bad for you, menthols no more so. What I find surprising is how many people believe this. I blame propaganda cultivated by anti-smoking fanatics( e.g. those obnoxious truth.com people) People are so eager to believe anything they hear. I have provided links. I think the fact that they taste disgusting is reason enough to not smoke em.

the fiber glass is in the filters, the only cigarettes without it are filterless cigarettes. Check into Chantix and quit smoking.

Heaven L
Cigarettes have like thousands of chemicals/poisons in them, fiberglass should be the least of your worries. Cancer should be your main concern. QUIT

ive heard that american spirits are good, all natural cigarettes. although i mean how good can a cigarette really be for you? but try to look up soe stuff on those. i used to smoke them, but they are a little more expensive. you get what you pay for.

all cigarettes have all kinds of materials in them from toxic sludge all the way up to the normal every day products you would use around the home.

Are you concerned for your health?
Then the best thing to do is to quit.
Seriously. I am sure you've heard it hundreds of times. I used to smoke and would just roll my eyes and think "leave me alone". But if you are asking this question, and are concerned for your health, then the best thing to do is try and quit.
I know it's not easy, but it is a worthy goal.
My mom just passed away two months ago from small cell lung cancer. She smoked for as long as I can remember.
It is one of those things, where people think, it won't happen to me. It won't affect me. But it does in the end.
Please consider trying to quit. You'll feel better.

Supposedly American Spirit uses cotton as their fitler means (they also have a Menthol).

Yes, we understand smoking is bad for us, however, some of us enjoy it.

Alcohol is also bad for us and other innocent people around us, but where is that witch hunt? What about how bad High Fructose Corn Syrup is for us as a society, what about how bad oil and oil based products are?

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