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Do I have bronchitis or upper respiratory infection? How to treat?
I had a cold three weeks ago with a severe sore throat. I felt better after a week. Now its been about two weeks and I have these symptoms which have been attributing to allergies. Anyone in the related health field, could it be more than just allergies? I have a cough every few minutes, a irritated throat and my lungs feel like they are coated with something almost constricting..It seems to be getting worse and my upper chest feels irritated. A little stuffy but mostly a clear nasal passage. I am coughing stuff up sometimes greenish but not a lot. I am especially irritated in the morning and am not sleeping well. My airways feel slightly constricted but it could be the coating in my throat /lungs. My ears are also a little itchy. My head hurts a little and I feel warmer than everyone else in the room but have not taken my temp. Do I need to go to the doctor? Its friday and I won't be able to get into the doctor until monday unless I go to urgent care. How can I mange this on my own..Thanks for your help. Tired of coughing.

Kayla L
It sounds like you have some remnants of your cold. I had a cold for about a week, however my symptoms did not go away for a month.

I went to my regular doctor and he gave me a prescription for a Z-pack which is high octane antibiotics you only take for three days and a longer prescription for 7 days of a regular antibiotic.

I would definitely see your doctor or go to urgent care especially if you have trouble breathing or shortness of breath.

Bonnie S
It is possibly it is in your bronchial tubes. I used to get allergies that always turned into bronchitis. This is an infection and needs antibionics to treat. Go to a doctor.

Having taken care of many people with upper resp. infections and bronchitis, I understand how miserable you must be. It sounds as though it could potentially be either of the two. If you were to see a doctor, they would more than likely do a sputum culture to test for bacteria in whatever it is that you are coughing up, and listen to your lungs for signs of inflammation and wheezing. In acute bronchitis, as long as there is no infection, the remedy is the same as that of a common cold. Drink lots of fluids, rest, and don't smoke or be around second hand smoke. If an infection is present, then antibiotics will be needed for proper healing. If it is an upper resp. infection that you duffer from, antibiotics will be needed to clear up your lungs.

well I had thesame syptms last week I had to be rushed to the er because i was couging so much i felt like my chest caved in and i could not breath,,, at the er they did and ekg on my heart and took xrays of of chest, long story short all they said it was bronchitis but i feel like crap and its been 3 weeks

could be pertussis. there have been some cases going around recently. you should see a doctor.

Mum Mum
Ask your doctor!

angie l
it can be either one since both have simuliar symptoms. you should really see a doctor for antibiotics.

Jackie Baby
I am in respiratory. It is hard to tell without assessing you or knowing rour medical history but a little advice anyways. 1st if you get worse or you feel like you are becoming short of breath to the point you feel you can't get a breath go to the er no questions asked. 2nd- It sounds like you are having a bit of a sinus infection with the throat itching. Sinus can obviously go down into your chest but this will help to if you have bronchitis or a new cold. To help get you back to norm try a mucolytic/expectorant (Robitussin or mucinex) make sure the robituss. says mucoltyic on the box. Drink lots of water this will help also Hydrate you and break apart the congestion as well. To sleep try putting as many pillows under you or lie in a recliner. The more elevated you are the easier it is for your lungs to fill with air when your lungs aren't up to par. Try a little OJ for the sore throat. Also if you have a cool mist humidifer run it at night as well. And if after two - three days if you don't notice a difference go to the doctor. And take your temp, it is always good to have just so you have for comparison in a day or two. It is even good to know your temp when you aren't sick so that you have a baseline reference when you might be sick. Everyone does not run at a norm of 98.6 for some people 98.6 may be an elevated temp. Hope you feel better soon.

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