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Mr. Knowitall
Did I just literally cough up a lung?
I coughed and a small grey rock flew out....of my mouth. I was curious so I picked it up. It was soft and wierd in texture. I squished it in my fingers and then sniffed it.....DEATH. OMG It smells a rotting animal in the woods or something! What is this mysterious death rock that flew out of me? Is it a piece of my lungs?

BK thang
hahaha very funny.....hmmmm but if you are serious it sounds like TB or some type of lung problem....if you WAS joking...then my suggestion to stop.....until you really do have some of those conditions....feel me?

♥Shortstuff ♥
Take it to your doctor & find out. I have heard of people with lung cancer who have coughed so hard they literally coughed up a lung.

Denny T
It's not a peice of your lung. Most likely its some old food or some other item that may have been caught in esophagus.

Could be an old bone from something you've eaten. If it continues, then make sure you visit a doctor

They are called Tonsilloliths . They are from little specs of food and phelgm impacting in the little crannies in your throat. You need a waterpic to get them out of the back of your throat. They're not dangerours, but cause bad breath.The only sure-fire method for ridding yourself of this problem is to have your tonsils removed (tonsillectomy), but there are nonsurgical alternatives which you should certainly pursue before you ask an ENT to take out your tonsils:
– You could try gargling frequently with warm salt water (1 teaspoon of table salt mixed with one pint of water– gargle with about 1/4 cup of this mixture three times per day, after meals.)
– You could also gargle with a Mouthwash called Alkalol, which is essentially salt water combined with a variety of natural aromatic extracts; some people prefer Alkalol to plain salt water. Most other commercial mouthwashes contain sugar or alcohol, which are pleasant-tasting but are, in the long run, fairly irritating if used frequently.

gross. probably something that was caught in your throat.

Pneumonia....do you smoke ??? could be just about anything that you've breathed in...see a Dr.

I don't think lungs are quite like that, but I've had a similar experience. I think it's something that got stuck somewhere or could be pneumonia.


♪ Tony's girl ♪
No, it was probably some type of meat you ate days ago. You know meat rots in your stomach before it gets fully digested.


curiously strong
nope its from your throat...you have an infection and if you look at the back of your throat you will see large fleshy pads on each side of that dangly thing in the middle and they have pits in them and sometimes you can see the 'infection' in them. nasty...i had this years ago when i had strep...nasty, nasty...

Jakob the Liar eats Gumbo Shrimp
Could be. Do you smoke? Take it to a lab or something.

well do you smoke? my brother used to cough sh!t up like that when he smoked.

have you been sick is the real question here. if you have had symptoms lately (coughing, congestion, etc) go to a dr, its probably an upper respiratory infection that dislodged a piece of mucus (not a rock)

♥♫ Never Too Late ♫♥
I think you should see a doctor! it might be something you ate, but i'm not sure. you can't be too careful....

It's definitely not a lung. You'd sooner cough out blood than an actual piece of your lung. It's probably something you ate or inhaled covered in mucus. Yes, your throat is coated with mucus for cases just like this.

Some people get white spots (or gray rocks) in their tonsils because the tonsil shape catches food. There are other places for food to get lodged, too. The spots are probably loaded with bacteria, thus the reason for the odor.
If you are not feeling ill, then don't worry about it.

omg GO TO A DOCTOR!! a.s.a.p or the emergency room. If it were me and I felt fine I'd probably do nothing but if it hurts do something.

Dude I coughed all kinds of shhet from my lungs over the years. If there's no blood just be thankful for small mercies.

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