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Coughing out green phlegm - should I see a doctor?
I got a respiratory infection on New Year's Eve 2006 and coughed up large amounts of green / yellow phlegm. I should have gone to see a doctor then but I thought I would get better since I didn't feel that sick. It is now 1/25/07 and I still cough up very small tiny amounts of green phlegm so I am much better but I wonder if I should still go see a doctor.

Mike M
You have a secondary bacterial infection taking advantage of an immune system weakened by walking Pneumonia.

The infection in entrenched in your bronchi, and is likely using the edandum (Lung lining tissue) as a nutrient source.

In other words, it's eating your lungs.

The likelihood of permanent respiratory damage is high, and increases with every passing day. If you're lucky, you'll get away with trauma induce Asthma.

You should definitely see a doctor. My nephew had this. He likes to walk around with only pants on (in the house) all year round. You are coughing up mucus from your large air tubes. The doc will prescribe medicine you might have the flu, or a severe cold.

Rachel 410
Yes, you have an infection. You should get antibiotics and take all of them that you are prescribed so nothing gets worse.

Green phlegm is a sign of infection. You need to see the doctor.

susan c
Yes, you should see a doctor. If only for confirmation that you don't have pneumonia. Colour in your phlegm indicates an infection but only your doctor can determine if it is from bacteria ,which will respond to antibiotics, or viral which won't respond to antibiotics.

Yes - more than likely you still have an infection. I have had bronchitis for 2 months now. I have taken 3 different antibiotics and a ton of other meds and I can't seem to get rid of it. Before you get really sick - see your doctor!

Yes, you should see a dr. If you cough up any color other than clear; you should get help. You may need some help getting rid of all of it.

Miss Smartypants
Yes you should go see Dr. The infection is still there. It has been too long in your system to go away by itself.
If you arent bringing up enough phlegm then you may have pneumonia.
Medicine will get rid of the infections and help you expel all the mucous from your lungs.

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