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Coughing and cant stop and it hurts my chest and throat.?
well my throat tickels and it feels like i have clear it every 3 mins then when i cough it hurts and so does my chest? can i use anything here at home to stop.

Take straight honey,about 1Tbs.

You could try honey and lemon juice. I went to the ER once for severe coughing and the doctor there gave me a "pain" pill. She said it would stop the coughing cycle, "you cough, you hurt, then you cough more." If you can get the coughing to stop by just relaxing and not waiting for the next one, then you can alleviate the pain.

pamela d
try some cough medicine or go to your doctor cause lt sounds as lf you might have an infection somewhere in your throat. cause lf lt tickles in your throat lt sounds like you may have an infection

fran j
You probably need a chest x-ray, see a doctor soon.

The most common causes of a chronic cough are: GERD (acid reflux), post-nasal drip (usually with a sinus infection) and asthma. Do you have heart burn? Do you get an acidy taste in your mouth? Do you have a sinus headache (hurts more when you bend forward)? Do you have a stuffy nose? Do you tend to wheeze? Have you had eczema or hay fever (seasonal allergies)? Are you taking an ACE inhibitor (a drug for blood pressure or kidney disease)? It would be best to see a doctor and they can assess all this and determine what is causing your cough.
Bronchitis will produce a wheeze and lots of sputum (mucous like stuff). It could be likely if you've smoked for a long time.

The pain drug in the ER was likely Morphine/Codeine - it suppresses the cough centre in the brain as well as relieving pain. It's usually not first line treatment for a chronic cough.

If you have post-nasal drip you may get antibiotics and nasal steroids.
Asthma will have a steroid inhaler and a rescue inhaler (like Ventolin).
GERD will likely give you a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) - it reduces the amount of acid in the stomach. They may also suggest changes like sleeping with the head of your bed up, etc...

You can make a hot drink, like tea or coffee.

You can take a hot steamy shower, the steam might clear out your throat a little.

If you have anything minty, it might help.

Cough drops too.

Hope i helped!
And i hope you feel better!

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