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Clicking/popping noise in back of nose/throat area, especially when I lay down at night?
I asked this question before but didn't get many responses. I am at wits end here. I don't have insomnia, I just can't sleep because I hear this annoying clicking and popping noise when I breathe in and out. It's like chinese water torture or something, I end up in tears becuase I want to sleep so bad and I can't because of this annoying noise. Anyone got a clue what this is and how I coudl treat it? I already tried humidifiers, dehumidifiers, throat sprays, saline sprays, antihistamines, and I'm on flonase and zyrtec for allergies.

Ski owl
i'd see a doctor if it is that troublesome. I get it too when I have a sinus infection. Its the mucus moving and settling. However it does stop.

Corporate Mom
how about going to the doctor? You might have some food or something stuck back there, and it could be causing all kinds of bacteria. I would def. see a doctor instead of getting medical advice from the teenagers on YA

Get a partner that snores.. Trust me it's much worse than any popping you have described. You won't be able to hear yourself pop or click or even think!

it's your air sacks full of mucus. try taking mucus pills.

Lindsay Jane
It is sinisitus or a head cold.Possibly it could be an allergy.

Go to the nose throat doctor, it could be a simply tissue removal, but you will never know unless you go.

Sorry not sure what it is but i have the same sort of thing hey and yes it is annoying but fortunatly it does not keep me awake sometimes i find if i clear my throat a few times with a ahum it stops,hey if u find out what it is let me know, CHEERS.

Maryn Bittner
Is it at its worst when you lie on your side(s), and does it start all over again when you switch sides? Does it improve if you lie on your back or belly? If so, what you're hearing is the contents of your upper sinuses (position-wise) draining into the lower ones, often amplified by your lower ear. The passage allowing drainage is narrowed by swelling, and a bubble of air must enter the sinus (with a teeny sound) before any mucus can leave.

Think of a full bottle of something thick (ketchup? maple syrup?) tipped enough to allow the contents to cover the opening. Nothing gets out unless some air gets in. That's what's happening to your sinuses, and lying down tips the bottle.

This is very common, and the only solution is to use a product which assists in drainage or to get nasal or sinus surgery to enable proper drainage by enlarging the openings.

As a longtime sinus sufferer, I can recommend various products, but you'd want to check with your doctor before trying something nightly. Consider mucinex-D, Afrin nasal spray, or Sudafed. Make sure you are well-hydrated all the time (urine almost colorless), since this thins the mucus in the sinuses, allowing it to drain more easily. Use a neti pot and saline solution twice daily, too. (Many 'sinus people' swear by these, FWIW.)

Lots of people also find relief in a white-noise source like a fan, the radio in between stations, etc.

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