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 Im 15 and i think im addicted to smoking...?
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Could this be serious or just allergies?...

 I have a 5yr old that was dignosed with pneumonia last night....?
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 How do i stop snoring?
its embarrasing to snore when i spend the night at my girls families, but i dont know how to stop it......

 Salam to everyone,I need help with my Daughter.?
Hi ii as you see this Emale is new to prevent anyone of knowing who asked i didn't ask on my emale.
I am 39 Years old Female,i am married and i have 3 Children ages : 15 18 19,I had a ruff ...

 How can I get rid of asthma?
I was born with asthma, it is not as bad, but it is bothering me now. I was told cod liver oil, but it is nasty, so I take the pill form. Today I was told cayenne pepper. I also went to this website ...

 What are side effects of smoking?

 Why does one only coughs at night?
this person seems to be coughing only at night and when this 50' yrz old person does cough its like as if its lungs are going to burst. it has never occured in the day time only in night mostly. ...

 When should I stop smoking?
I know that I should stop smoking now; it's terrible for my health, it stinks, and it's expensive. But, I like my disgusting habit. My question is: How long before I plan on getting ...

 I have this tickling felling in my lungs when I breath, with a tight feeling in my chest. Can anyone help?
Well For the past year I have been getting this tickling feeling in my lungs when I breath. I also feel like I cant get all the air out of my lungs. I really need help becasue this problem went from ...

 Why is it now for two years now i can feel my heart beat through my chest and then i dont?
some times like just sitting here typing i can feel my heart beat and then it goes away.i dont have to touch my chest i just can feel it.but doc says heart is ok but i have high blood pressure and ...

 Does the tb jab hurt?
im having the tb jab soon..does it hurt and how long for??...

 Can anyone tell me what causes TB?

 Could i have pneumonia?
i have had a chesty cough for 5 weeks now...i cant lay down without coughing uncontrolably, i always have a tickle in my chest and throught and chest.
Im out of breath and have tight chest pains ...

 What can i give a 1 year old for a Cough and an Ear ache?

Mandi K
Can u die from pneumonia?

Capital V
yes, pneumonia is fluid on ur lungs, so if u have fluid on ur lungs there is no space to breathe!!

Yes If you let get worse. Yes you could die from it. Elder people and babies are more prone to die from getting Pneumonia. Also people with weak immune systems can die too from Pneumonia faster than a healthy person.

The Glorious S.O.B.
Yes. Jim Henson was a victim of pneumonia.

Just wonderin'
Absolutely, positively without a doubt. But that does not mean that you WILL die from it.

Yes, you can if not treated soon enough. My cousin developed pneumonia and thought he had a bad respiratory infection. He waited to go to the doctor and by the time he did, he was admitted to ICU and died.

Yes, most definitely, but that is not the usual case. Jim Henson, who developed the Muppetts for TV died an early death from pneumonia. Most pneumonias that are treated get better, except in the elderly and the infant population.
Hope this helps.

Decoy 2.0

sometimes yes depending on your immune system.

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