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 I have the worst cough ever.?
i cant stop coughing and im at work. im trying to hold it but it makes it worst should i even be at work with this..?..what can make me stop coughing. i think i was even coughing in my sleep.....

 What is my condition?
whenever I cough, my eyes water and i feel like i am going to throw up. i have even coughed up blood. this happens several times a day. does anyone ahave any idea what my condition could be. yes, ...

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 After quitting smoking,is increased coughing and mucos normal?
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i know that allergies and asthma attack can close the throat but is there anything else?...

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 Should i still smoke?
im 13 so should i?...

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 OK....how is it I get a sore throat....BAM...just like that.....no other symptoms.....?
any suggestion what I can use......?

 I have a cough I have never had before...?
I've gone through my fair share of bronchitis, sinus problems, nasal drips, especially since I have been a smoking for about 2 years now. All were causes of excess coughing (usually including ...

 What is it called when you lose your voice when you have a cold.?
The symptoms of the cold are cough, congestion, and runny nose. I am an adult if that matters....

 How to fight cold naturally?

 I'm afraid of doctors, is there a way to find out if I have asthma?

 Smoking help?
well my friend just started smoking a few days ago and she is 15 so she wanted me to do it with her and i dont usually give into peer pressure but it look like alot of fun so i tryed the cigg and i ...

 TB testing question?
is there a no- needle TB test avalible?...

 What is shortness of breath?
Is it just that you have to breath deeper? Or does it mean that it's harder to breath?

Like if I go out running and I'm not in shape. And I have to breath deep to get enough ...

 What can help a 3yr old breath through the night without gasping for air?
for 3 months my grandson has been unable to get a good nights sleep because he cannot breath through his nose, he stops breathing the gasps for air after a few seconds,his heart rate is poundind all ...

 PLEASE HELP.....i have been sick since the 22nd. (be serious.)?
it started as a burning feeling in my chest. i said it feel like i was breathing fire. then it turned into a cough. and it has stayed a cough for almost a week and a half. i have NO runny/ stuffed ...

Can this ************ heat be a trigger for asthma?
I have had mild asthma for a long time, but never caused a big problem. But with this heat wave it seems to have kicked into higher gear-- anyone else have the same thing?

BTW-- I have super cold AC at work, but no AC at home, so there are lots of temp changes too.

It's not the heat that's causing the problem it's the humidity. Water in the air can cause Asthma flare ups like nothing.

yes, ever since the heat wave, I have been having alot of problems wheezing and with shortness of breath.
I do not go out unless I am going to work or feeding the animals--early in the morning when I come in. (I work night shift--that is one good thing--I sleep days) :)

samantha h
yes it can be....

Yeah I've been having a lot more trouble with my asthma recently with the heat and humidity. Soccer practice in 90 degree weather has been horrible and with the humidity it feels even hotter. Really hot/humid or really cold weather affects my lungs and breathing.

Extremes in temperature (either heat or cold) are a major trigger for asthma.

If you'd like to read more about asthma triggers, go here:

Jose M R
Believe It Or Not You don't drink enough Water
during the day, you have to drink all day long take 3 Or 4 Ounces Of Water or more every Hour That You are Awake And Your Asthma will Go Away For Good.
Read A book Called (your Body's Many Cries For Water)
By "Dr. Batmanghelidj"

never again
Extremes in temperature (either heat or cold) are a major trigger for asthma.

If you'd like to read more about asthma triggers, go here:

Yes it can. It raises Cain with mine, too. I've found that cool air, moist if possible, is the best thing you can do for asthma besides meds. Just breathing cool, moist air can do a lot -- that's part of what makes nebulizer treatments so effective.

Yes the heat aggravates the asthma. Also the hotter it is the more ozone builds up around the urban areas and that aggravates asthma. Then the temperature change is also aggravating it. I hope you have a prescription inhaler. I spent 3 weeks in the heat after Hurricane Katrina when we had no power and my asthma, which is usually no problem, roared out of the bowels of Hell at me. Take care of yourself.

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