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 Question on Ear Infection?
i had ear infection on my left ear for a while, been having serveral medication but none cure it. lately doctor said its wax in my ear which causing ear pain and surrounding of my ear.

i ...

 Coughing up yellow mucus?
can anyone tell me what i have...i asked my parents to take me to the doctor like 3 days ago and each time they say let's just see how you are tomorrow. so please dont tell me to just go to my ...

 Iv got asthma and like to smoke weed
i normally use a bong but i was just wondering if a vaporizer would stop me from haveing these constant asthma attacks?
Additional Details
...and also quitting is not an ...

 Is a chest x-ray enough to see if I swallowed food into my lungs?
Please help....

 Do air conditioners make u sick???
Ok before u judge this ? and say are u stupid or somthing?? REason I'm asking is ever since Me and my gf got a air conditioner her grandparents always tell her that's why ur sick the air ...

 Is it okay to be an occasional smoker?

A few weeks ago, i bought my first pack of cigarettes, and finally realized what smoking is really like.

Here are the facts.
Up to today, i smoke about 4 cigarettes ...

 Do firemen get crap in their lungs?

 What other ways is there for you to control your asthma without an inhaler?
my asthma is bothering me and I don't have my inhaler with me so I was wondering if there were another way of controlling your asthma...I know steam helps really well is there anything else I ...

 How can I help my friends stop smoking?
I am 13 and a few of my friends smoke and I really hate it. They really want to stop and I said I'd help them but how? thanks :)...

 What are the hairs on Cilia cells called?

 My uncle has: COPD, Congestive heart failure, lung cancer, and his right lung has collapsed. Will he live?
Right now he is in the hospital and the doctors have cleared him of the pnuemonia he had when he went in there. He was getting morphine shots, but the doctor recommended a drip. Before going into the ...

 Is it true that dairy products make sinus infections worse? or 2 much dairy can cause a sinus infection?

 Why do i have a salty taste in my mouth?
in addition to this i sometimes have a feeling of something stuck in my throat and a troublesome dry cough....

 Does God have respiratory organs?

 What are the signs of a chest infection?

 How long does a container of albuterol usually last?
and how often do you have to use your inhaler?
Additional Details

Let me personalize the Question:

For YOU. How long does a container ...

 Body sprays?
I spray alot of body spray on my cloths, but i was told that doing this may give me cancer.
I dont let this spray get into my lungs. Is this true?...

 Anybody ever wondered if secondhand smoke is addictive?
they say its worse than straight up smoking
but can you get addicted?...

 How can someone smoke this much?
My husband is 48 years old in great shape, works out like crazy, eats great but smokes cigerettes like no tomorrow... I see him smoking more an more and he doesnt smoke regular cigerettes he rolls ...

 Does this sound like bronchitis?
okay i have a pretty bad cough, a sore throat, a few days ago i got a really bad cold and it is all pretty much better except my cough and throat. i have now lost my voice cold medacins aren't ...

Can people in comas or sedated hear you talking to them?


Nurse's & Doctor's say they can, so it's worthwhile talking to someone that is in this state!

michael f
Depends on what causes it. They may be able to hear you but will not remember or even recognize the person talking. Still, any contact or talking HAS to be good for the person no matter if they remember.

liz j
Yes, individuals have a soul and spirit which receives what you are`saying to them.I can attest to my individual experience with a good friend who the medical professionals state that she is in "a vegetative state." She responds very much to the name of Jesus , prayer and reading The Bible.
People who come out of a coma state that they have heard what people are sharing , even though they can't respond.

Ryans Nanna
They reckon they can, hope this is true.

yes they can. i had a grandad that when he went into a coma from diabetes he said he could hear e1 around him but couldnt say nethin bk.

yes, that is apparantly true. I have heard it myself too, said to me by a doctor when a family member was dying.

He said that the hearing is one of the last functions to go in the body.

So they can hear you talking to them.

If you know someone ill in this way, go for it and talk to them! It can really help cos at least you know you get to say those things you wanted to, but maybe couldnt before.

hope this helps

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