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doug L
Can one die from COPD?
Like most, I developed COPD when I was diagnosed with emphasemia. I was just interested in this aspect. Is it actually considered a life threatening diseasee?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but yes, it is life threatening. On the top 10 causes of death, copd was #5 on the list for high income countries. For low to middle-income countries it ranked as #6.

It can be life threatening, but if it is diagnosed before you're too sick, there are excellent medications. It does not HAVE TO progress, but you need to take care of yourself and see your doctor as whatever intervals he/she says.

You need to exercise as much as you can. Use a treadmill, if you can. Learn some breathing exercises and add a yoga or tai chi program, too, as they're good alternative exercise and work with breath.

I'm sure Nori the Nurse has watched a lot of people die from it, but it's not as clear cut as she suggests. I have very close experince with it, too, and have seen people do very well.

Good luck and God bless.

indeed! copd can really kill a person if not intervened appropriately. emphysema is a chronic condition of the lungs wherein a structure in your lungs called alveoli are deformed already becuase of chronic irritation to a number of causes. such irritation will cause your body to either produce excessive mucus or narrow your airway tract. such obstruction will decrease the exchange of gases in your lungs until the amount of carbon dioxide that you should exhale is trapped. it will casue a number of succeeding events which is too complicated to explain until you turn black(due to lack of oxygen) and die..

Pamela V
I have C.O.P.D. I had a neighbor who died of C.O.P.D. just a few months ago. I wake up ofter gasping for breath even though I have my oxygen on.I quit smoking 6 years before I was diagnosed so I am lucky there. Because I could have been dead if I had not of quit.I know another lady with C.O.P.D.Who turns off her oxygen and go's into another room away from the oxygen tanks and smokes. I had a nother friend who had lung cancer and she did the same thing. I don't want a cigarette.

If you do your meds, oxygen and excercise you can live almost as long as if you didnt have copd

Many have died because their rescue inhalers were empty

My mother did last May.

I am a Nurse, I can't count how many people I have sat on the side of the bed and watched die from this horrible disease,...get your will together and make your life right with man and God your days are not long.

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