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Can lack of oxygen cause you to pass out?

professional professional

Yes. Our brain needs oxygen to function, so does any onther organ in the body. Ergo, if there is lack of oxygen in our blood stream one can experience tunnel vision and ultimately pass out.

Wise Young Sage

Only if you're carbon based.

yes. We only breath 32% oxygen but you need all 32%

Salik K
YES it can dude !

yes and lack of oxygen after a few minutes starts causing brain damage

no..absolutely not. all that hype about needing oxygen, and the whole breathing and respiratory system theories ..it's all trash..none of it true. of course, they want you to buy into it.
don't be fooled.....don't let them manipulat you like that.

yes it can .... of course
a normal human can stop its breath only to an extent of 5 mins...... so there is no chance that human ll be able to servive without o2 ..............

Yes, it's called hypoxia when there is an inadequate supply of oxygen in the blood.

Lara <:(((&gt;<


Yes, of course. If you hyperventilate, your brain is not getting the required amount of oxygen, and therefore you feel dizzy. Or, pass out.

Um yes

Precisely, if oxygen is not going to the brain, its bye bye

Whatev' Yo'

We are organic beings, that have hemoglobin in our body that extract oxygen from our atmosphere, which is approximately 20% oxygen. Oxygen is the fuel that primes our body for most exchange processes within our system. Yes we can pass out from the lack of Oxygen. If this continues for too long, we don't wake up and die.

Most definitely. By the way Summerfes... we breath in 21% oxygen on a normal daily basis, not 32%.

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